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SEE HEAR: Wednesday 14th October 1pm BBC TWO

SH Line Producer | 11:22 UK time, Wednesday, 14 October 2009

This week's See Hear has a maternity themed programme honouring the 2009 baby boom, which seems to be just as much a phenomenon in the deaf community as it is with hearing people.


We meet Debbie Coletti, a deaf midwife, following her on her 12 hour shift at a maternity ward where babies are delivered on a daily basis! 


This week's programme also sees the start of a new strand, The Baby Diaries, in which we follow a deaf mum-to-be, Melissa Mostyn-Thomas. In the first instalment Melissa is three weeks away from her due date and thinking about her birth plan.


We also follow a remarkable 85-year-old hard of hearing man, who's determined to walk the Shakespeare's Way, all the way from Stratford-Upon-Avon to London, accompanied by his dog.


  • Comment number 1.

    Thank you for a lovely show. My daughter was diagnosed profoundly deaf at age 13 months, missed the new born test. Implanted bilaterally just over a year ago. Is always nice for me to see successful deaf adults going about their normal business. Gives me great hope for Mary's future. She can, baring a few exceptions, do anything she wants.
    Lovely too to see Patrick Stewart, his voice is lovely and he always speaks so beautifully. Made me think though. My daughter, born in England to English speaking parents with an English speaking sister does not have English as her first language. Her being Deaf has opened up a whole new world to us. I have restarted the West Suffolk Deaf Children's Society and was kind of wondering if See Hear would like to witness our inaugural Christmas Party. Then I thought wouldnt Mr Stewart make a wonderful Father Christmas. I think it is very important for deaf children, especially now they are largely mainstreamed, to have a place where they can meet other deaf people. Well those are just my ideas. Will keep watching and hope that one day I can turn the sound off and just watch the sign. Thank you again.


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