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BBC ID System Launches

SH Line Producer | 11:06 UK time, Friday, 30 October 2009

BBC iD is the new sign in system for BBC Online. It's currently being rolled out across all services that require a user to register or sign in.

On Monday November 2nd we'll be switching all of the BBC's blogs to BBC iD from the previous BBC membership system. And in the New Year our message boards and other communities will be heading down the same route.

To find out more about this new login system, click the following link.


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  • Comment number 1.

    I'm wondering if this is part of zero tolerance attitude the BBC is using to water down the message board content ? They have killed off POV already and altered the way you can offer feedback, they seem to want fanzine comment and little else. The recent changes to the appearance of message boards was also retrograde in action. It's no use "It's good to talk", if the BBC does not want to listen... More rules applied to the disability and deaf message boards will be hotly opposed. SEE HEAR needs all the input it can get,and won't be able to rely on facebook input "Which seems to suggest the 'friends' on there never watch the show ! Is the idea to make it even more difficult to log in ?


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