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Ditch Your Old Mobile for Charity

SH Line Producer | 10:58 UK time, Monday, 21 September 2009

One UK Deaf charity has come up with an ingenious solution to raise funds... getting rid of your old mobile phone!

Many millions of people have old or unwanted mobile phones lying around the place - these can now be donated for recycling, the profits from which will be donated to Deafness Research UK.

If you've got an old Samsung under the sofa, or a Nokia in the attic, dig it out and donate.

Find out more at this link:



  • Comment number 1.

    I'd like to see them banned in the public areas, they are a nusiance to deaf people, I keep assuming people are talking to me when I cannot see the ear link to the mobiles some of these morons wander about with as some fashion statement. They appear to be talking to themselves or to someone near, and I assume that is me, then I get abuse from them for not minding my own business ! Taxis are the same they yatter away to no-one in particular it seems to me and I try to ask what they are saying and I'm told to shut up they are talking on the phone, I usually at that point stop the taxi and get a bus... Last time I did that they just carried on talking on their mobiles,incredible ! Mobile phone users and those with 'hands free' options need to be curtailed. Most are flouting the law anyway. If it isn't them it is the ipodder dumbo's who walk into people, unable to communicate properly, or are unable to follow conversation and in world of their own. Mostly it is women, it's NOT good to talk in public, so shut it ..... the world does not want to know your business and you are impinging on my space... get a life and leave us ours...


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