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Deaf Irish Politician wages war on mobiles

SH Line Producer | 11:45 UK time, Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Some might argue that mobile phones are the bane of public life. Many theatre performances, train journeys and museum visits have been disrupted by people surreptitiously texting or making phone calls.

Well, one Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in Ireland has had enough. SDLP member John Dallat's hearing aid is aiding him in the fight against mobile phone crime.

Texting is prohibited within the chamber and committee rooms, but allegedly many of John's colleagues flout the rules by sending sneaky messages under the tables.

John's hearing aid is linked to the loop system within Parliament buildings to enhance his hearing. But every time someone uses a mobile or BlackBerry, his hearing aid picks up the interference - and he's going to blow the whistle each and every time a fellow MLA tries to send a secret text.

If that warning doesn't halt the texting thumbs, he has pledged to seek legal advice.

"I reckon it might be contravening my rights under section 75 equality legislation," he said.

"I'm being denied the right to hear what's going on."

(Source: Belfast Telegraph)


  • Comment number 1.

    More power to his elbow. These annoying people on mobile phones should be banned from carrying them into meetings. If they don't listen ban them, it is preventing a deaf person's access so obviously breaking the law too, I'd like to see them inserted in the users nether regions, sideways...


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