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Daily View: Verdicts on David Cameron's Tory party speech

Clare Spencer | 08:57 UK time, Thursday, 6 October 2011

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Political bloggers give their verdicts for Prime Minister David Cameron's speech to the Conservative party conference.

The New Statesman's Samira Shackle calls the speech "distinctly average":

"Cameron looked tired and sounded hoarse, which was unfortunate given his emphasis on 'can-do optimism'. There wasn't much here in the way of policy, simply an attempt to encourage positivity - a tough call in the face of inconvenient facts, such as the news today that growth figures are being revised down."

Faint praise comes from James Forsyth in the Spectator, who simply says "Cameron does enough":

"Cameron's delivery wasn't his best but it was still enough to best the other two leaders. He did, though, occasionally move up a gear, like when he explained why what the coalition was doing with the economy was the equivalent of laying foundations. Overall, it wasn't a great speech or a vintage performance. But it did, broadly, what it needed to do."

Praise comes from an unlikely corner. Shamik Das says in Left Foot Forward unlike Ed Miliband, David Cameron appeared as a global statesman:

"Having been wholly omitted from Ed Miliband's leader's speech last week, David Cameron put foreign affairs at the front of his conference speech today. On Libya, international development and the Arab Spring, he made the case for an international, interventionist policy - putting himself at odds with many in his own party but on the right side of history...
"On foreign affairs at least, plus points for Cameron, room for improvement for Miliband; there's still a way to go before he can be imagined bestriding the globe receiving a hero's welcome in Benghazi."

In Tory Diary Tim Montgomerie says he quite liked the speech but asks if David Cameron should have talked about economic growth:

"A Belgian bank has gone bust. Italy's being downgraded. American politics is in gridlock. I hoped this Conference would give us much more on growth. It didn't (although I may be underestimating the importance of credit easing). Perhaps the Liberal Democrats vetoed any big announcements, insisting that any fireworks are owned jointly and not used to get good reviews for the Tory Conference."

But, the blog Political Scrapbook points out, when he did talk about the economy, he got into hot water:

"The only British company to be namechecked in David Cameron's conference speech has donated more than £4 million pounds to the Conservative Party in the last ten years, figures reveal. After citing a string of American firms based in the UK and alluding to manufacturing sectors, the only UK company to be mentioned by name was heavy vehicle manufacturer JCB."



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