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Torin Douglas Torin Douglas | 09:45 UK time, Friday, 25 February 2011

I'm the BBC's media correspondent and this is my brief selection of what's going on.

A front page report in the FT says News Corp is close to an agreement with the Office of Fair Trading over a remedy for concerns about its £13.2bn bid for satellite broadcaster British Sky Broadcasting. Ben Fenton says Rupert Murdoch's media group is much nearer than previously reported to meeting objections that combining full ownership of BSkyB with its other assets would reduce the diversity of news provision.

The proliferation of legal actions generated by phone hacking complaints against the News of the World is in danger of congesting the courts, says the Guardian. Official recognition of the scale of the problem came as lawyers for Paul Gascoigne, George Galloway and Mick McGuire, of the Professional Footballers' Association, were granted permission to see relevant sections of transcripts.

After watching the 3D cinema relay of English National Opera's Lucretia Borgia, the Daily Telegraph's critic Rupert Christiansen is not impressed. "It costs more than twice as much to film and process 3D as standard HD, and, on the evidence so far, I don't think it's worth it....I endorse the growing body of opinion that believes 3D to be a gimmick that will go the way of Cinerama, Sensurround and Smell-o-Vision."

The Daily Telegraph says Kate Middleton passed the royal test with flying colours yesterday, as she joined Prince William for their first formal engagement in front of the public and the media.

The government's Libya rescue attempt was a fiasco, says the Daily Mail. A shambles, according to The Sun. The government has shown itself to be "inept" and "incompetent", says the Daily Mirror. It was less Dunkirk, more Carry On Follow That Camel, according to Richard Littlejohn in the Mail as highlighted in the BBC's newspaper review.

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