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Clare Spencer | 14:56 UK time, Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A look at the stories ranking highly on various news sites.

The lavish welcome laid on for the Chinese leader Hu Jintao by the Whitehouse shows the US now perceive China as an equal world power according to the Guardian's most read article. It says China's inferiority in "hard power", for example not invading Iraq, has turned to Beijing's advantage.

The Telegraph's most read story claims millions of people could be taking statins "needlessly". The article goes on to say a review published in the journal the Cochrane Library shows there is little evidence that the cholesterol-lowering drugs protect people who are not already at a high risk of heart disease.

Sun readers prefer to catch up on the love life of The Only Way Is Essex star Mark Wright. The paper calls him a love rat, philanderer, lothario and ladies' man and pictures him talking to various women.

Proving popular with Washington Post's readers is an article "debunking popular myths" of healthcare reform. It says one persistent myth started by Sarah Palin is that secretive government committees nicknamed death panels will be created to make end-of-life decisions about people on Medicare.

New York Times readers are catching up on the latest opinion piece on Amy Chua's book advocating a strict Chinese parenting style. David Brooks thinks, contrary to the book, that sleepovers can be more intellectually demanding that practising the piano.

The New Scientist's most read article reports a breakthrough which may lead to a vaccine for MRSA. New York scientists have identified an antibody which causes MRSA bacteria to explode rather than divide.

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