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Clare Spencer | 14:39 UK time, Monday, 17 January 2011

A look at the stories ranking highly on various news sites.

Princes William and Harry were in Princess Diana's funeral cortege to protect Charles from being lynched, says the Daily Mail's most read story. The claim is in Alastair Campbell's diaries, published this week.

Sun readers prefer to catch up on the paper's most recent speculation about why glamour model Katie Price and cage fighter Alex Reid split up. The paper claims pictures of Katie's son Junior in a wrestling gym with Alex Reid were the last straw as she was trying to withdraw her children from the public gaze.

Most read in the Guardian is Simon Jenkin's column about what the Arizona shootings uncover concerning free speech. He argues the paradox is that democracy can't have free speech without controls.

Also on the subject of free speech, Melanie Phillips' article in the Spectator has risen to the top of its most read list. She argues that, like news of grooming gangs, news of honour killings has been suppressed in the media because of fear of appearing racist.

A defense of psychoanalysis is proving popular on More Intelligent Life. Criticised as reducing everything to sex, it's therapeutic rival, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has gained ground. However, the article argues that unlike CBT, psychoanalysis provides the one thing a depressed person needs: a meaningful relationship.

Most read on Slate is a tirade against people who put two spaces after a full stop. The most famous recent culprit is Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Farhad Manjoo argues that typographers decided years ago that one, not two, spaces should follow a full stop but a hangover from the deficiencies of the typewriter is to answer for the variation.

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