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Clare Spencer | 14:40 UK time, Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A look at the stories ranking highly on various news sites.

The Independent's most read article says a Polish cleaner's book has simultaneously taken the German top seller list by storm and dispelled the myth of the clean and orderly German. The article explains that the "Polnische Putze" (Polish charlady) has become almost a standard requirement in wealthier German households since the collapse of Communism.

The Telegraph reports that the Royal Navy's Falkland Islands protection ship has been turned away from docking in Rio de Janeiro. This is taken as an indication that Brazil's new government could back Argentine claims to the islands.

News of the last text Jo Yeates' sent before she died is the Daily Mail's most read story. The murdered landscape architect asked a friend if he fancied a drink and he saw the text an hour later by which time it was too late, according to the article.

The New York Times' most e-mailed story asks if law school is a losing game. The US may be known as the country of lawyers but according to the article, although they may be qualified an increasing number finish their course in debt.

Time's most read article promises we may be one step closer to finding a second Earth. This follows Nasa's announcement that they have found the smallest planet yet outside our solar system. The question is whether it is small enough and temperate enough to be hospitable to life.

Proving popular on Salon is an article questioning the US work ethic. The article states that the reason Americans have fewer holidays isn't because of the Protestant work ethic adopted by the Pilgrims. Instead it dates back as recently as the 1990s when there were no government checks on excessive work.

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