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Clare Spencer | 14:38 UK time, Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A look at the stories ranking highly on various news sites.

At the top of the Guardian's most read list is the latest of the US diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks. The paper reports British police helped to "develop evidence" against Madeleine McCann's parents as they were investigated by Portuguese police as formal suspects in the disappearance of their daughter. The US ambassador to Portugal was told by his British counterpart in September 2007.

Telegraph readers learn about a man who castrated his 17-year-old daughter's 57-year-old boyfriend with a bread knife. Helmut Seifert told German police he saw it as his duty as a father.

Daily Mail readers prefer to look at TV presenter Fern Britton's "even slimmer figure" revealed in her costume for Strictly Come Dancing. The paper points out that her head was once digitally imposed onto a thinner woman's body for a Ryvita advert but now that wouldn't be necessary.

Proving popular on the Sun's website is news that Tiger Wood's ex-wife is dating a South African student. It reports Elin Nordegren met the 35-year-old while studying at a college in Florida.

The readers of the Australian are catching up on Oprah Winfrey's trip to Australia to film her last chat show. The paper labels the show as a great giveaway, starting off with a gift of a South Sea pearl for each of her 6,000 audience members.

The Washington Post's readers are interested in a tale of what happens when a traumatic experience unravels on Facebook. The paper follows Shana Swers's journey to work out medical complications after she gave birth using her regular Facebook status updates.

The New Yorker profiles Shigeru Miyamoto, the inventor of computer game character, Mario. Praising him as the brains behind Nintendo, the article finds an irony in the fact that the man who has perhaps done more than any other person to entice generations of children to spend their playtime indoors, in front of a video screen, developed his talent while playing outdoors.

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