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Clare Spencer | 15:16 UK time, Thursday, 9 December 2010

A look at the stories ranking highly on various news sites.

The Telegraph reports Prince William made the biggest voice-brokered foreign currency trade on Wednesday. The £14.2bn trade was part of a celebrity-filled fancy dress day on Icap's trading floor which raised over £11m for charity.

The Daily Mail reports the latest Wikileaks story. It says computer hackers have sent two of the world's biggest credit card companies into meltdown in revenge for cutting off payments to the WikiLeaks website.

The Sun says naked photos of singer Christina Aguilera have emerged. The article says the pictures were clearly intended to be private.

The Mirror describes Simon Cowell's open letter concerning the X Factor voting controversy. The letter asked fans to keep faith after thousands asked for a refund when, unexpectedly judges, instead of instead of phone votes, determined who would enter the semi-final.

The New Scientist gives details of new 3D glasses that work on 2D screens. The glasses fool the brain into perceiving depth using a trick of the called synoptic vision.

Newsweek asks if we are running out of antibiotics. As more bacteria become resistant to the most powerful drugs in our arsenal, it argues for a need to change the way we think about treating infection.

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