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Sketchup: PMQs 3 February 2010

Katie Fraser | 12:56 UK time, Thursday, 4 February 2010

A selection of lines from parliamentary sketch-writers.

Defence spending cuts and electoral reform were the main themes at Prime Minister's Questions.

David CameronThe Daily Mail's Quentin Letts says that David Cameron needed to win this Parliamentary tussle with Gordon Brown after a "slump" in recent weeks:

"His performance yesterday was like a good dump of snow in the Alps shortly before Christmas. Just in time."

Ann Treneman in the Times agrees, pronouncing David Cameron the winner in this round of PMQs, blaming the defeat she sees Mr Brown as having suffered on his continual reference to "AV":

"That's AV as in alternative vote, not as in absolutely venal, though it is easy to confuse the two in this case."
"Perhaps AV stands for Absolutely Vapid. But, surely, it is Absolutely Vital that it is never heard again. Dave won but Gordon made it easy."

In the Guardian Michael White notes the highlights of the opposition leader's performance:

"Cameron displayed his usual heartless fluency, lots of good jokes about what Tony said to Paddy about electoral reform ('I can't get it past Gordon') and a Mrs Merton question: 'Thirteen years in power, 90 days before an election, what first attracted you to changing the voting system?' Dave seemed to be enjoying himself, though he should watch his back."

In the Independent Simon Carr also warns that, should the Tories win the forthcoming election, they will face a formidable enemy across the floor of the chamber:

"The fact is that no one has the weight, the intensity, the loathing, the insane certainty, the fat-tank, bomb-proof forward momentum that Gordon Brown has. Released from the cares of high office, Brown and Balls together are the Opposition combination Tories would be wise to fear."

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