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U Ctrl Katy Perry

Beccy Beccy | 10:50 UK time, Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I'm I'm soooo excited. I've just got back from holiday and found out that tomorrow Katy Perry is going to be on the show.

She'll be in with Scott from 5pm, then from 6.30pm on the Radio 1 website, Katy will be doing whatever you want her to do! You'll be able to watch her live on camera and actually be able to control whatever she does next for a whole hour.

So, we need your suggestions. Let us know what you'd like Katy to do (within reason of course!) and she'll do it.

Ever wanted to see her juggling? Want to know if Katy can Moonwalk? Have you always wanted to see her make a ham sandwich?

Let us know your suggestions on Radio 1's Facebook, and Radio 1's Twitter - all the details for how U Ctrl Katy are right here.

No rudey stuff though please, think of something else instead!



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