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Goodbye Edinburgh!

Scott Scott | 17:15 UK time, Friday, 20 August 2010

IMG_0895.jpgThis has been one of the scariest and random weeks of my life. Where else can you be accosted by an Australian offering you tomatoes from her bag in a pub, see a woman walking around with a box on her head like it's perfectly normal, buy nine sets of false teeth and be straddled by a burlesque chav??

I arrived in Edinburgh on Sunday after flying from Exeter! Literally got off the plane and was rushed to Edinburgh's Royal Mile to take part in Radio 4 Quiz "Just a Minute". As you may have heard on the show, I was rubbish.

Then later on Sunday we started rehearsing, as we have been every day for two weeks after doing the Chris Moyles show in the mornings.

This week in Scotland has been a lot of very late nights and very early starts.  Most days rehearsals began at 7.30am, and we were working right through to appearing on Grimmy's late night show. I am shattered but - as it was last year - this has been probably the most fun week of the year for me at Radio 1.

totds6.jpgThe team - Me, Beccy, One That Doesn't Speak, Clair and Rob the Boss have all been sharing a house together in Edinburgh, so it's been a real bonding experience for all of us.  Even though I do wish Rob the Boss had closed the fridge door more often!

Need to say special thanks as well to Chris Larner, our director for the Bjorn Identity. I have learnt more in two weeks from him than on any previous project. His jokes are terrible, but he really taught me how to use the stage, gave me a lot of confidence, and even attempted to try and make me actually act. Not a very easy task, in a really small amount of time.

All of us were so scared of doing our one man shows, and last night as I waited to go on in the fear cupboard next to the stage, and could hear Edith doing the opening announcement, I think I did have a bit of a panic attack.

I feel quite proud in a way that I managed to remember as much as I did. There were a few mess ups but the audience seemed to think they were some of the funniest bits! Hope you enjoyed listening to the shows on Radio 1, and I hope you enjoy the video.

So we are all going back to Radio 1 HQ tired but happy, and if you have never been to the Edinburgh festival before, DO IT!  It really is amazing, and I really want to come back next year whatever happens, whether we decide to do another show or not!

Well done to Rob the boss, The One That Doesn't Speak, and Beccy who were ALL out of their comfort zone this week, and did SO well.  Beccy in particular was so nervous, but totally pulled it off!

Cheers Edinburgh for a brilliant, brilliant week.



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