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Sam Bailey Sam Bailey | 15:57 UK time, Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Well that's it.  Scott Mills The Musical happened, and was a roaring success.  We hope you've enjoyed meeting all the lovely performers in Edinburgh as well, there were some crackers on.  That's the end of this blog for now.  I thought it might be a good idea to end by just re-posting some of The One That Doesn't Speak's tweets:

@PleasanceComedy Thank you to all our Pleasance friends. We've had the actual best time ever at the Fringe. Really don't want to leave!

A few shout outs before I disappear for a few days for a rest. THANK YOU Laurie, Jon, Guy, David, and Andrew - best actors EVER!

John, Robin, Nic, Roshni - without whom we wouldn't have a thing, hear a thing, see a thing, or just generally be able to do a thing

Simon, Andy, Dominic, and Sir Desmond O'Connor - musical supremos and damn fine gentlemen.

Ollie - teching overnight in Edinburgh then onstage in London that evening. Top work! Mr Patrick Wilde - you are a genius. Seriously!

Scott, Becklaaaa, Chops, Sam, Rob, Lyndsey, Kel, Will, Mark, Owain, Caren, Tamsin ... these people are the best

Finally, Joe Taylor. @jrtjoe. Don't forget us when you're famous!

Gushing and lovey-hugging over. See you soon for a new adventure. Don't forget to watch this one:

The PR4L obviously needs a tweet of her own. I had in no way overlooked her contribution.
Bless.  Don't forget, you can carry on watching The Musical online as long as you like (it ain't going nowhere), and this blog will always remain here as a lovely permanent record of the fantastic time we had making it and the amazing week in Edinburgh.


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