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Plot: The Wizard Of Hoff

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The One That Doesn't Speak The One That Doesn't Speak | 12:12 UK time, Thursday, 18 June 2009

Sean has sent in this idea involving fairy tales, Britney, and and flying monkeys. Nice.

Keep your ideas coming in please scott.mills@bbc.co.uk


The show starts with Scott getting a new radio show and needing a new sidekick to help him and Chappers. Scott's ideal side kick is Britney Spears but she's not so keen.

Scott looks for help at the Fairy Godmother's house where he finds the Fairy Godmother temp, Becky, and asks her to help him get Britney Spears.

But as Fairy Godmothering is not Becky's forté she does the magic spell wrong making every female want to be on his show.

Scott goes to see the Wonderful Wizard of Hoff to break the bumbling Fairy Godmother's spell. Chappers is not happy about this because he's enjoying looking at all hot new women on the show. He tries to stop Scott with the help of Scott's mum.

On Scott's journey he bumps into the Tim Man (Westwood) who needs a heart (engine) for his pimped out ride.

He also meets Chris the Cowardly Lion who needs courage (porridge) to wake up and do his morning show and Reggie the Scarecrow who needs a brain.

Chappers also has the help of his paint gun wielding flying monkey Jo trying to stop Scott.

What will happen next?



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