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Plot: Escape From The Care Home

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The One That Doesn't Speak The One That Doesn't Speak | 14:22 UK time, Friday, 5 June 2009

Thanks to Katherine who couldn't be bothered to revise for her exams so came up with this idea for us. If you have any great plotlines please email them to scott.mills@bbc.co.uk

Escape From The Care Home by Katherine off of Newcastle

It is set in the distant futureScott, Chappers and Beccy all in The Happy Ending Care Home for has-been celebrities, an old people's home. Some new DJ comes in to run some silly feature called "What are those old people on about?" but there is something familiar about this feature... hmm yes! Flash back to the good old days when you all used to work at Radio 1 and all of the fun you used to have.(space to wedge in any songs you may already have).


Back to the old people's home, it turns out the new DJ gets the old people to turn crazy by giving them a drug that causes haulicinations. NO! This can't carry on! What has radio come to?! You decide to make your way from the Happy Ending Care Home back on to the radio. Scott takes a sip of tea then things start to get crazy (space to put in any random songs and general weirdness)


It turns out his tea was spiked with with that dirty DJ's drug! He gets sent to a 

special ward where he sings a moving rendition of a song about the good old days. Then all of a sudden, who should appear but Wing! She has the ability to grant him 3 wishes. Firstly he wishes for his good looks once more, perma-tan, white teeth, all that, and the same for Chappers and Beccy. Then he wishes to be free from his imprisonment. Then Scott wishes for the ability to take the place of this new DJ. However Wing refuses and instead says he must find this power within himself (sings Hero).  


Then you all schedule a talent contest between you and this new DJ and whoever wins will win the Drive time spot on Radio 1. Scott and Chappers do their amazing children's entertainment act and tell some killer jokes, but what's Beccy's forte? (song). The new DJ's talent is Ferrero Roche eating and, in a stroke of luck, he chokes to death! You have your jobs back!


Wing returns and you still have one more wish! You all wish for the ability to fly and fly off in a cloud of dry ice and live happily ever after.


I think you should at least include the idea of some one choking to death on ferrero roche so I haven't totally wasted my valuable revision time ;)


Love you all!


Katherine, 16, Newcastle.


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