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Plot: Escape from Mount KilroyManjaro

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The One That Doesn't Speak The One That Doesn't Speak | 13:42 UK time, Friday, 5 June 2009

This story idea from Daniel may be difficult to stage in our little theatre but see what you think. If you have any great plotlines please email them to scott.mills@bbc.co.uk
Escape from Mount KilroyManjaro by Daniel Pitts
With the biggest week in Scott's career starting Scott knows Friday's show will be his crowning glory but Scott begins to notice wierd things happening. Monday Scott notices Chappers & Becky start to act strangely especially Becky's constant Limbo Dancing and then the celebrity guests lined up to appear on the show start to go missing. 
With Fridays Supershow approaching the producer noticing the wierdness surrounding Scott's show and the dissapearances he tells Scott he can't afford to take any risks with Friday's guest going missing... So Scott decides to investigate, he phones a special contact to monitor Thursday Guest, Mr.T.  But not even that is enough with Thursday show upon him and no Mr T, Scotts producer tells him he's pulling the plug on the show & Scott's Radio Career.  Determined to solve the mystery

Scott leaves the producer with a deal, if he can solve the mystery and find the guests before Fridays show the show will be aired, if not he will resign. 

Suspecting Becky & Chappers due to the wierd behaviour and the fact that the disappearances began at the same time, Scott goes with the one man he can trust... The Hoff. With the Hoff in tow they get a plan together and begin looking for clues. They spot Comedy Dave wearing a big gold chain and rings similar to the ones wore by Mr T, with that gut instinct Scott and the Hoff confront Dave. Just as he seems to be about to tell Scott and The Hoff something important Becky and Chappers appear. With that Dave starts to laugh like a maniac. He then tells Scott and The Hoff their days are numbered. The real Becky and Chappers are locked up with the celebrity guests in a secret location and have been replaced with robot versions of themselves who have been stealing the guests.

But Scott and The Hoff won't be able to do anything with that information as they won't be around for much longer. At that point Dave walks off laughing more as he waves the robots to get the dynamic pair.  A long scuffle ensues and the fight spills outside. Just as the end looks near KITT slams into the back of the robots.

Before Robot Becky's Power dies she tells Scott where to find the celebrities, they are being held in a near by mountain, Mount Kilroy-manjaro, and that the only reason she is telling him is because she fell in love with him. With that bombshell the door opens and the pair get in.

They arrive at Mount Kilroy-manjaro, a strange mountain which seems to look like Robert Kilroy Silks face from a distance. Getting in won't be easy as the mountain seems to be guarded by ninjas. Scott and The Hoff stop near a hedge and get out some tools from the boot.

They go their separate ways and take out the ninjas. They meet up inside and find the real Becky, Chappers and the celebrities. As they begin to untie them they turn around to see Comedy Dave.  He says that he didn't think he'd be seeing them again and that he wasn't the brains behind the idea at which point he introduces... Chris Moyles! 

Chris tells Scott he captured them to sabotage Scott's show as he believed Scott was trying to out do his show which he wasn't going to stand for. Scott securing Fridays guest name was the last straw - that should have been Chris's guest.  Nobody should interview THE QUEEN but Chris. 
With a showdown between Chris & Scott looming inside the Mountain who will come out on top? Will Chris stop Scott and end his career or will Scott defeat the Saviour rescue the celebrities and interview the Queen?
Hope you like the idea, I've been thinking about it for ages.


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