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Pick One: Hallowe'en tune

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Paul McFadyen Paul McFadyen | 10:45 UK time, Saturday, 30 October 2010

Screamin' Jay Hawkins

All Hallow's Eve is almost upon us again and while you were fighting your way to the front of the queue for the wackiest costume, we were asking some of Scotland's finest bands and DJs to get into the spirit of things, musically speaking. The challenge was:

Pick One...killer tune for a Hallowe'en DJ set

They dug deep into the darkest depths of their nefarious record collections and came up with the following. Feel free to join the fun by entering your own suggestions in the comments section.

JD Twitch, Optimo DJ

Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead

It should probably be Everyday Is Hallowe'en by Ministry, but instead it's a record that's not even a Hallowe'en record per se. So, for me the ultimate record to play at Hallowe'en would have to be Bela Lugosi's Dead by Bauhaus. Every time I hear it it instantly makes me think of our annual Optimo "Espookio" Hallowe'en parties. Every year Jonnie and I end up having a race to see who will get to play it first. Slightly unhinged, spooky, and a bit doomy - an amazing piece of music - and it's about Bela Lugosi, possibly thee best Dracula of all time. What more could one ask for?

Optimo's yearly Halloween event "Espookio" takes place on Sunday 31st October at The Sub Club

Paul Carlin, drummer with Dananananaykroyd and American Men, and the brains behind Ghost Pants.

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Spellbound

Well, apart from Werewolf Bar Mitzvah by Tracy Jordan (have you seen that 30 Rock episode?), there's only one Hallowe'en-connected song I like because I HATE HALLOWE'EN! If I want to dress up in women's clothes and do the slosh in my living room, I don't need to wait until October 31st.

However, if I was playing records to a bunch of indie kids, one song that can inspire mortals and ghouls alike to get up off their backsides is Spellbound by Siouxsie and the Banshees. It's one of the creepiest songs I've ever heard and strangely danceable for something that's supposed to be goth. For me, however, it's all about the drums in this one!

Quite honestly the saving grace of Hallowe'en!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go Siouxsie-up my face a bit.

You can catch Ghost Pants live debut on the 11th of November at the Hidden Lane Cafe and Dananananaykroyd's live set at T in the Park 2009 is still available to view at bbc.co.uk/tinthepark.

Vic Galloway, BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio 1 presenter

Dead Kennedys - Hallowe'en

Last Hallowe'en I was actually DJ-ing at a huge party in a warehouse in Glasgow, dressed as a Mexican wrestler, playing horror, voodoo, ghost and ghoul-related tracks by Johnny Cash, The Cramps, Screaming Jay Hawkins, The Damned, Bauhaus, Howlin' Wolf, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Misfits and many others. I would say my last track was my secret weapon... the one and only 'Hallowe'en' by San Francisco punks Dead Kennedys.

It features on their second album, the hilariously monikered 'Plastic Surgery Disasters' which isn't quite as well known as their debut 'Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables'. However, it is a superb piece of visionary surf-punk with acerbic, witty, intelligent lyrics set to breakneck drums, twangy guitar and intense vocals... and I love it! Not such a cutesy, family-friendly track I admit, but a total rocker that rails against the conformity of increasingly commercial events such as Halloween. Check it out and have a pogo!

Listen to Vic every Monday night at 8pm on BBC Radio Scotland and on Wednesday nights at Midnight on BBC Radio 1.

Stuart Braithwaite, Mogwai

The Sonics - The Witch

It's an amazing garage stomper and with its witchy subject matter, perfect for Hallowe'en.

Mogwai's live album Special Moves is out now. You can also experience Mogwai at their live best with our footage from T in the Park 2009.

James Graham, The Twilight Sad

Okay first of all, I will be dressed as David Bowie in Labyrinth, have two muppets as my sidekicks and there will be free tonic wine cocktails all night. If I'm honest I have a Hallowe'en mega mix that I would play instead of just one song. Firstly I would hit them with MC Hammer - The Addams Family Groove which will then be mixed into the original Ghostbusters theme tune by Ray Parker Jnr, which then will be mixed into Dance Magic Dance by me David from Labyrinth from the Labyrinth soundtrack. Then I will leave in a puff of smoke and everybody will then be stuck in my Labyrinth...

The Twilight Sad's "The Wrong Car EP" is out now on Fat Cat Records. The band recently recorded a session for The Vic Galloway Show on BBC Radio Scotland.

Drums of Death, masked rave monster

Zomby - Strange Fruit

Good question but I don't think it would be anything 'Monster Mash', no, that's pretty whack! I love Zombi's Digitalis, they're a duo from Portland, Oregon who plays b-movie influenced music. It really is amazing. Wild synth riffs scaling the walls! However good that song may be it's impossible to dance to, it's in 7/4 time or something. I'd go for "Strange Fruit" by undead dubstepper Zomby, again very loose association with Hallowe'en but this tune is immense. Came out three years ago and might still be his best work.

Drums of Death's debut album Generation Hexed is available now.

Broken Records

Lou Reed - Hallowe'en Parade

Not only is it a brilliant track, but the way it conjures up the image and feel of the Greenwich Village Hallowe'en Parade is amazing. It's not a typical Hallowe'en track, it's not 'Thriller' for instance. It's more about putting on a costume, having a party, and forgetting the past year. I'd rather listen to this at Hallowe'en for sure!

Broken Records second album Let Me Come Home is out now. The band are in session on Monday 1st November for The Vic Galloway Show on BBC Radio Scotland.

Kris Walker, Wasabi Disco

Cerrone - Supernature [Reese Mix]

A beast of an Italo-disco track remixed by a Detroit techno wizard - essential to have on the mp3 player when running away from vampires. A dancefloor MONSTER!!

Bryan Burnett, presenter of Get It On on BBC Radio Scotland

Dusty Springfield - Spooky

Psycho Killer would make a chilling addition to my Hallowe'en playlist and it could be argued that Devil Woman was Cliff's best moment of the '70s, however if I was going to pick just one then it would have to be Dusty Springfield and Spooky. We featured this on our 'instrumentals' night on Get It On recently. Unusually it was an instrumental hit in 1967 before words were added and it was a hit again a year later for Classics IV.

Get It On is broadcast Monday to Friday at 6pm on BBC Radio Scotland.

Hostage, electro producer and crisp connosieur

Figure - The Phantom

If the haunting piano doesn't spook you the bass drop will certainly make you mess your pants!

Figure - The Phantom (Original Mix) *Free Download* by Figure

Hostage's Versatile Sound EP is out now.

Sushil K Dade, producer of The Jazz House on BBC Radio Scotland and in real life also known as Future Pilot AKA

Albert Ayler - Ghosts

Starting off with some of the most incredible collection of squeals and groans from his horn, this is a free-form jazz masterpiece from improv saxophonist Albert Ayler. At first listen this may sound like music to scare ghosts themselves but this is simply the most uncompromised gospel drenched, spirtual jazz to have been documented on record. From the astounding 'Sprititual Unity' album on ESP Records, his first recording session for the label recorded on July 10, 1964. A perfect addition to any Hallowe'en mix-tape.

The Jazz House is broadcast every Wednesday evening at 8pm on BBC Radio Scotland.



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