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Top Tip: The Drummer

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Nick Dempsey Nick Dempsey | 11:12 UK time, Tuesday, 18 May 2010

keith_moon.jpgI have always had a wee fascination for the art of drumming. I think it might go back to my childhood admiration for Animal from The Muppet Show.

In case you managed to miss the BBC maelstrom of multiplatform coverage, there's a current Saturday night talking heads 'n' clips show on BBC Two looking into what makes a rock band - it's called I'm In A Rock N Roll Band, appropriately enough.

Last Saturday's programme was about drummers and featured plenty of entertaining drummer antics stories, and musings on what is surely the oldest form of music, namely hitting something with something else in a rhythmic fashion.

Check it below for the next 27 days. Or indeed vote for your favourite. I'd pick the great Bonzo myself. Though there is something freaky about the way that Keith Moon managed to produce a coherent beat from a whirlwind of seemingly random twitchy limb movements and wiggling eyebrows.

There's also a fantasy rock band post on the BBC Music blog, worth joining in on if you like that sort of thing.

Here's mine:

Vox: Mark E Smith
Drums: Animal
Guitar: Bo Diddley
Bass: Kim Deal
Keys: not sure you really need a keyboard in a rock band to be honest but if i had to pick one it would probably be Larry Clark of The Monks

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