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Vic Galloway Meets Jack White

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Nick Dempsey Nick Dempsey | 15:28 UK time, Monday, 26 October 2009

jack_white_vic.jpgLast week in Edinburgh Vic Galloway interviewed Jack White who was in town playing a gig with his new venture, The Dead Weather. The interview airs on Vic's Radio Scotland show next week, Monday 2nd November. Here's what Vic had to say about the interview, and afterwards the gig...


So today, I got to throw a few questions at Jack White - guitarist, singer, songwriter, drummer, producer and now film-maker.

I've met him before, but very briefly at T In The Park when he was playing with The Raconteurs in 2008. I don't think he remembered me... shockingly. I guess it can't have been the most exciting moment of his life so far...

Contrary to rumours and gossip, he wasn't in the slightest bit difficult or awkward to interview. He seems very straight-forward, somewhat intense and focused on what he's doing - making music! He's a true gentleman, charming, polite and gave me 15 minutes of spot-on chat covering a range of different subjects. We discussed The Dead Weather of course, but also touched upon The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and his incredible 'Third Man' set-up which now houses a recording studio, record label, film set, photography room, record shop and distribution network all under one roof in a converted warehouse in Nashville. Sounds amazing, huh? We talked about Lonnie Donegan, of whom he's a big fan, Scottish music and the whole independent versus major label topic... with some interesting viewpoints in there.

After a brief hello to the rest of the band, including Alison Mosshart who had been in session for the Monday show with The Kills a few years ago, I shuffled out and tried not to appear too 'Arty Fufkin' (Spinal Tap reference kids...) by saying 'Have a good show' and waving goodbye!

So on to a pint and a bit to eat - Halloumi skewers with roasted vegetables, if you must know - I headed into the gig with Bobby and friend Grant. It had an electric atmosphere already, as support act 'Creature with the Atom Brain' were already onstage and pummelling through their hypnotic psyche-rock and sounding pretty damn good to my ears! We braved the 'pit', or the dancefloor in front of the sound desk anyway, and geared up for the grand entrance. It was pretty spectacular too... a curtain dropped to reveal the scary album artwork for 'Horehound' and the stage was smothered in ominous dark blue light. Alison and the boys strutted onstage and everything went kaboom!

Most of the LP was dispensed with and a few added new songs were included too. If you know the album, you can imagine what it was like... but much louder! If not, swirling organ sounds colliding with dirty bass and squealing guitars were underpinned by Jack White's surprisingly funky and hard-hitting beats while Alison hollers like a woman possessed, stalking the stage like a panther! It worked better live for me, and that's the way rock'n'roll music should be. Heavy, scuzzy, off-kilter and out of control with soul and groove in buckets. Highlights were 'I cut like a Buffalo', 'New Poney' and ender 'Treat me like your Mother' as well as the new songs, one of which I remember being called 'Jawbeaker'.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt the rock'n'roll posturing onstage was backed up with a tight, professional, theatrical show, and the crowd seemed to agree. The audience was split between hoary old rockers, blues freaks, punks and hipster indie kids. It was a surprisingly wide age range, and I was told not nearly as many 30 and 40 somethings as at the recent Editors gig. I suppose the kids still wanna rock! I know I do.


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