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Zombie invasion of Pacific Quay

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Alistair Mooney Alistair Mooney | 16:04 UK time, Friday, 8 October 2010

We sent the biggest and bravest Web Assistant we could find to record some workplace disturbances that took place yesterday. Take it away, Craig Jackson...

On Thursday the 7th of October 2010, BBC Scotland found itself host to a vast horde of the undead. At approximately 11:00, zombies began to pour through the front doors and ascend the main stairwell - crawling, lumbering, grunting and groaning. With a single compulsion driving their decaying bodies forward - the desire for fresh brains. Not just any old brains though, specifically the brains of author/comedian Charlie Higson.

School children dressed as zombies

It shall surely come as no surprise then, that the unfolding of these grisly events just so happened to coincide with the fourth Authors Live webcast and that the legion of zombies in question were in fact pupils from Hamilton Grammar and Airdrie Academy who had, in the spirit of Halloween, covered themselves in fake blood, white makeup and torn clothing.

Charlie spent his time talking to the children about his experiences as a writer, his experiences as a writer of horror and of course, zombies! He also read from his latest book The Dead and answered questions from high school pupils from across Scotland. You can watch it all in nifty highlights.

What is it about zombies that such a vast number of people worldwide find so fantastic?Check out their rise to pop culture - in recent times we have seen them on television, film, board games, video games, radio, magazine, books and we have even enjoyed choreographed zombies dancing along to our most popular music. In the session, Mr Higson highlighted that one good reason zombies are really scary is because "they are us". Certainly they were once very much like us, and even in form they still greatly resemble us.

Zombies induce tears and provoke laughter, they also encourage very passionate debates among fans - Night of the Living Dead style slow zombies or 28 Days Later quick sprinting modern zombies? Mr Higson's preference (and mine too!) is the good old fashioned slow and lumbering ones by the way!

So with Halloween approaching, and thoughts turning to creative costumes, perhaps we'll see a winner in the popularity battle between vampires and zombies. Take some inspiration from this event, be it in your writing or in your imagination and let a little fright in your life.

Charlie Higson surrounded by school children dressed as zombies.



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