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Talkie Time, any time

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Claire O'Gallagher Claire O'Gallagher | 10:41 UK time, Wednesday, 14 July 2010

If you haven't had a chance yet, and you have young learners around, I strongly recommend 'Talkie Time', with the wonderful Rodd Christensen from Balamory.

The idea of 'Talkie Time' is a set of short, playful videos that are focused on literacy and numeracy skills for 4-6 year olds, which can be used at home or in the classroom.

In each film Rodd needs the childrens' help with something, whether that's telling the time, or drawing letters in the air - and the children can do just that; seemingly interacting directly with Rodd (with the help of a friendly teacher or parent).

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Visit BBC Webwise for more information.

The best news is that 'Talkie Time' is now also in the Learning Zone clips library along with all our other video resources, so it's even easier to get talking. The videos will be kept online, so you can watch and learn along with Rodd at any time.

We really hope that you enjoy the programmes - please leave us any feedback or comments you have!

Countdown to results day...

Claire O'Gallagher Claire O'Gallagher | 16:18 UK time, Tuesday, 13 July 2010

There's only a few weeks to go until the results letters drop through letterboxes all over Scotland - although now there are more modern ways to get your grades - if you registered with MySQA, results will be sent out by text and email just before 3pm on Wednesday, 4th August.

To receive your texts and emails you have to register with MySQA by 5pm on Thursday, 15th July.

It makes me feel very old that I had to wait for the postman for my grades - signing up for a text message is much easier and less stressful... unless of course everyone is texting that morning with the age-old question of 'what did you get?'

Good luck to all those receiving results and to all the teachers and parents waiting too.

Give teachers a break

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Alistair Mooney Alistair Mooney | 16:37 UK time, Friday, 9 July 2010

Teachers from schools all over Scotland are taking a well-earned break. Some will have flown out on the first available flights or fled towards ferries. Indeed, being a son of two teachers, there would always be at least one colleague or kent-face my folks would bump into, making their great escape at the same time. Usually at the duty free.

Those staying at home (or staycationing, as I dare to type for the first time) may have caught Panorama from this week, Can I Sack Teacher?

Scottish viewers may have recognised a lot of it from last month's Teachers: Could Do Better? (the squeaky white board may have struck a chord). The original BBC Scotland Investigates programme was updated with fresh content, so worth watching again - it's available on iPlayer beyond the usual seven days. While the programme was being broadcast I was keeping an interested eye on comments being made by some of the teachers I follow on Twitter. It certainly provoked a varied response. And on Radio Scotland the following morning, Call Kaye let callers have their say. There's plenty of opportunity to feedback on the programme and the points it raises on the Panorama blog.

There's no doubt teaching can be a tough gig, and it's not for everybody. Choosing teaching, I would think, means you want to help others. As with every job, not everyone will be great at it but can surely develop, with the right support. There'll be good days, bad days. Ups, downs. Mistakes. You know, life.

There will be those that will be dreading the return in August. For those suffering external or internal pressures there is somewhere you can turn. The Teacher Support Scotland website and helpline is available over the summer as well as term-time.

Maybe the communication, understanding and encouragement that some would offer their own children should be extended to those who help them learn. The Teacher Support Scotland website also has a guide on how schools and families can work better together.

Let the teachers teach, but let them rest awhile too. We need them relaxed, recharged, fresh and positive.

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