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  1. Second Homes

    • JP
    • 11 May 07, 05:27 PM

    Graham Green wants to speak up for all the people with second homes.

  1. Marbles

    • JP
    • 27 Apr 07, 04:01 PM

    There is no more glorious a toy than a new bag of bulging crunching marbles – shining like fish eyes, ready to roll and clink their way through an afternoon of mini boules, marble petanque and trying to retrieve them from under the sofa and the dog’s mouth.

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  1. Downshifting

    • Becky Vincent
    • 20 Apr 07, 03:20 PM

    Were you aware that this is officially Downshifting Week? Do you care? Tracey Smith does. She is passionate about downshifting, and told us all about it in her Guerilla Report.

  1. Cycling

    • JP
    • 13 Apr 07, 03:16 PM

    This week's Guerilla Reporter is a cyclist called Max who argues that it's perfectly acceptable for cyclists to jump red lights.

  1. Cuddle Parties

    • Becky Vincent
    • 6 Apr 07, 04:18 PM

    Sam Cowan is the UK's only certified Cuddle Partyfacilitator. Cuddle Parties are events where people get together to share communication, intimacy and affection in a safe environment. Sam was working as a masseur when she attended her first Cuddle Party in San Francisco, and enjoyed the experience so much that she decided to organise her own party in England.

  1. Muzak

    • JP
    • 23 Mar 07, 02:16 PM

    Nigel Grant got in touch with us to let us know how much he hates any kind of muzak.

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  1. Phobia of the Past

    • JP
    • 9 Mar 07, 03:30 PM

    Jill Robinson has a phobia about the past.

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  1. World Carrot Museum

    • JP
    • 23 Feb 07, 03:40 PM

    An online museum devoted to the humble carrot - take a look around here

  1. Public Toilets

    • JP
    • 10 Feb 07, 07:10 AM

    Val Swanick wants to see the public loos in Tenbury Wells reopened.

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  1. Rob the Rubbish

    • JP
    • 26 Jan 07, 04:00 PM

    Robin Kevan hates litter so much that, now he is retired, he spends his days picking up the mess that other people leave behind.

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  1. Crap Surfers

    • JP
    • 12 Jan 07, 01:08 PM

    Mark Butterfield says he has "an unfailing ability to be the worst surfer in the sea at any given time or place".
    He belongs to, an organisation dedicated to the UK’s poorest paddlers and most tragic sandeaters.

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  1. Hot Tub

    • JP
    • 29 Dec 06, 03:46 PM

    Peter Smith likes nothiing more than to splash around in a hot tub in a skip and then make a mad dash to a frozen swimming pool.

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  1. Christmas decorations

    • Becky Vincent
    • 15 Dec 06, 02:35 PM

    John Hutchinson is not one to do things by half when it comes to Christmas. His home in Clanabogan in Northern Ireland is literally covered in Christmas lights, and he has even created a dreamland grotto. 35 thousand people have entered his lifesize walk through crib, raising over 50 thousand pounds for cancer charities in the last 8 years.

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  1. Outdoor Swimmers

    • JP
    • 1 Dec 06, 02:58 PM

    Kate Rew and friends go swimming in the Thames all year round.

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  1. Druids

    • JP
    • 17 Nov 06, 03:44 PM

    Philip Harris wanted to draw our attention to his life as a Druid.

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  1. Eating roadkill

    • Becky Vincent
    • 4 Nov 06, 08:07 AM

    Arthur Boyt is an animal lover from Cornwall. And he is not a man who likes to waste things. For many years he has collected roadkill – and eaten it….

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  1. Dandie Dinmont Terriers

    • JP
    • 20 Oct 06, 12:14 PM

    Paul Keevil is this week’s guerrilla reporter. He took the BBC microphone for himself to draw attention to the dwindling number of Dandie Dinmont terriers.

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  1. Extreme Cello Playing

    • JP
    • 6 Oct 06, 02:50 PM

    Since 2003, the Extreme Cellists have taken musical performances to new heights, and depths, by giving performances in many extreme locations.

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  1. Pearly Queen

    • JP
    • 23 Sep 06, 09:57 AM

    Stephanie Jolly wanted to tell us about her life as one of Britain’s youngest pearly queens.
    Contact us if you would like to be a Guerilla Reporter.

  1. Guerrilla Reporter

    • Kyren Burns
    • 8 Sep 06, 08:05 PM

    Feel strongly about an issue? Tell us the stories you want to hear. This is where YOU become the reporter.

    A very simple premise, if you have something in your life or community that you think needs to be heard by the listeners of radio 4 then snatch the micophone from us and become a guerrilla reporter.

    Contact Saturday Live to become a guerrilla reporter

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