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Crunch time causes chaos

  • Ryder Cup blog editor
  • 19 Sep 06, 10:08 AM

LONDON - US skipper Tom Lehman spiced things up when he suggested tortilla chips had delayed the team's flight into Dublin.

But just how much tortilla and what type was on board has been the subject of much discussion.

What we do know is the flight was delayed by more than three hours because the American party, including officials, wives and girlfriends, had too much luggage.

And for the record, here's Lehman's account of the tortilla trouble...

He was asked what exactly caused the delay.

"Tortillas," he was quoted as saying by the Press Association. "See the look on your face. I love it. Like 'what the heck are you talking about? Tortillas - what are they?'

"We live in Arizona. It's the land of the Mexican food. And when we were over here a few weeks ago it was very difficult to find good chips and salsa.

"I mean, good authentic chips and salsa. So rather than try to find it we decided to bring our own corn tortillas.

"Swear to God. Three bags, this is the truth. My wife ordered them, I packed them into my travel bag and I tried to move it and I couldn't even get it off the ground. I couldn't even move it an inch.

"I must have loaded 200. Little bags of tortillas, weighing five and a half pounds each. I figured that bag weighed about 500 pounds. No wonder they couldn't move it."

So, Lehman may have been joking, exaggerating or merely not so good at maths, but we can take it there was plenty of tortillas.

It will not be a problem on the return trip, though.

"A one-way trip absolutely," added Lehman, "because we're going to eat those babies."

Frank, Blog editor

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  • 1.
  • At 10:44 AM on 19 Sep 2006,
  • bob mercer wrote:

Think himself lucky, we're not allowed to take any food of any type into the u.s.when travelling!

  • 2.
  • At 10:54 AM on 19 Sep 2006,
  • al loch wrote:

Good grief they're only here for a week! Let's hope they give 'em heartburn!
Have they never heard of the famous Dublin guacamole before......

  • 3.
  • At 11:19 AM on 19 Sep 2006,
  • albert gitonga wrote:

I think Tiger may have been taking it a bit easy at the Matchplay, so do not read much into that result. The US team is in Dublin ready to play and nobody should oubt their commitment to wrest the Ryder cup away from Europe.

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