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Your stories for the final week!

Tris Cotterill | 17:22 UK time, Monday, 10 May 2010

So we have finally got to the last week of series two! It's been a busy last two months but I hope you've enjoyed the show so far? You lot have been amazing all series sending in stories you've seen and funny bits in the news so a big thanks from Russell and the whole Good News team to our virtual news crew (that's you!).

These are some of the best stories you have sent in from the past seven days.

From Ian
Ok, so everyone occasionally checks Facebook in the office or Tweets in a meeting but there are some things you probably shouldn't look at at work, especially if you are being filmed! Read the full story at

From Natasha Holland
My favourite thing about this story is the effort put in to make something purely because it's a bit funny. Check out the new 'tourist attraction' in Gloucestershire at

From MaxiTaxiWaxiWoo
This story is AMAZING! I have no idea if it's made up but sort of hope it is otherwise this woman doesn't really understand the human reproductive system. Read the full story at

From channyf18
Ok, so most of the time we joke about the news, sometimes we make the news! Check out a proud moment for team Good News at



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