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Some of our favourite stories for week 6

Tris Cotterill | 15:44 UK time, Monday, 26 April 2010

Hope you all had a good weekend in the sun everyone? Russell is moving a little slower around the office today after doing the London Marathon yesterday!

Thanks for all your stories you've been sending in for show 6. These are some of our favourites from the last 7 days.

From zoefell
This is such a non story it's amazing. It must be a really, really slow news day in Salisbury Read the full article at

From Nobodyattall
This is amazing. Police dress up in rabbit costumes and put themselves in danger to warn about drivers about, danger. Hmm, I know Easter wasn't that long ago but seriously! Read the full story at

From AshCB
Ok, this next clip has only been online for a week but is already a bit of a classic. We know that sometimes people at festivals can be a little worse for wear but seriously, if you haven't seen this guy at Coachella festival trying to put his flip flop back on, have a look at

Remember if you see something you think should be on the show, don't keep it to yourself, let us know and you may even see your name in the credits!



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