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First day in the studio

Tris Cotterill | 16:15 UK time, Thursday, 15 October 2009

It's been a busy week for the Russell Howards Good News team. We recorded our first run-through of the show in the studio with a live audience where Russell got a chance to try out all the gags and sketches he and the team have been working on. The show went really well and everybody is buzzing, we're now getting everything ready for next week's first show! *Cough* BBC Three 10:30 Thursday night *Cough*.

set_2.jpg script_1.jpg set_1.jpg The show was just a run through so it's not going to be on TV, but we did take some photos of our set (we can project loads of backgrounds on it). I'll post more from the show next week so keep your eyes out for that. We've noticed that a lot of our twitter/blog readers were there - glad you enjoyed the show!

This week we also got to see our opening titles which we're really excited about. We are making some final tweaks but basically it was done using stop motion animation -taking loads of photos of Russell and animating them - you'll have to wait to see the final product but we'll try to arrange a sneak preview online if we can.

army_2.jpg army_1.jpg Thanks for the stories you have been posting on Twitter and on the blog, remember, if you find something you think should be on the show let us know. We're busy looking through everything you send in and if anything catches Russell's eye, he may well get it in the show.



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