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Scotland ratings v Italy (142)

Scotland squeezed into the World Cup quarter-finals with a narrow victory over Italy in heavy rain in St Etienne.

It was a tight game with plenty of kicking from both sides but in the end Scotland just had the edge.

What was your view of the game?

Rory Lamont - Spilled the high ball for Italy’s try and went off after 24 minutes after hitting his head hard on the turf following a collision with Andrea Masi. 6

Sean Lamont - It was not a day for wingers but the big man defended well and let nobody down. 6

Simon Webster - An elusive runner, he was reduced to chasing kicks and tackling anyone who appeared in front of him, which he did. 6

Rob Dewey - He chased well and tackled manfully and on the rare occasion he was given the ball he provided some go forward. 6

Chris Paterson - The Scotland kicker landed six kicks out of six to guide his side into the last eight – can’t ask for more than that. 7

Dan Parks - It was a day made for the fly-half’s canny kicking game and he executed it perfectly, constantly driving Italy back. He also produced one lovely show and go and two late catches from Italian kicks kept Scotland in the tournament. 8

Mike Blair - Fed Parks well and defended bravely round the fringes. 6

Simon Taylor - He won a couple of good turnovers and put his body on the line time and again as Italy drove round the fringes. 7

Allister Hogg - The Scotland back row were not as prominent as they sometimes are but Hogg put in his shift. 6

Jason White - The Sale man is clearly not back to his best after his long-term injury break but he never took a backwards step. 6

Jim Hamilton - The giant second row was Scotland’s best forward. Dominant in the middle of the line-out and at re-starts, he also put himself about around the park. 7

Nathan Hines - Outshone by his second-row colleague and was given a yellow card for a high tackle just when Scotland looked like taking control. 5

Euan Murray - He held his own against an Italy front row noted for their scrummaging. 6

Ross Ford - The hooker struggled with his throwing at the line-out and although the conditions did not help he was lucky it did not cost the Scots dear. 5

Gavin Kerr - Like Murray he stood his ground, although he was invisible in the loose. 6


Andrew Henderson - On after an hour for Dewey and did nothing wrong. 6

Craig Smith - Gave away the late penalty which would have given Italy victory had it gone over. 5

Hugo Southwell - On for Rory Lamont in the first half. Spilled the first kick aimed in his direction and got nowhere near the second before becoming more solid and defending bravely. 6

Scott MacLeod, Kelly Brown and Chris Cusiter did not have enough time to make an impression.

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  • 1.
  • At 10:15 PM on 29 Sep 2007,
  • DK wrote:

Dull, poor, and very lucky Scotland relying on Patterson once again. They think it's mission accomplished for this world cup so will no doubt get thrashed in the quarter finals.

  • 2.
  • At 10:26 PM on 29 Sep 2007,
  • Ovix wrote:

I think Scotland didn't really play that well, but their experience and discipline made the difference. They never got close to score a try. Italy scored a try while playing with one man down, which says a lot about the quality of the Scottish game. Quite unlucky evening for the Italians, who wrapped a massive gift containing 6 penalties! Paterson scored an amazing 100%, while Bertolussi almost at the end missed the kick of the life.
What a pity for Italy, as Scotland didn't show much ambition to win the game.

  • 3.
  • At 10:36 PM on 29 Sep 2007,
  • Dod Weirs tartan Troosers wrote:

Great performance from Scotland - tactically and physically sound.

No -it was not expansive Rugby like Wales Fiji but a game more remnant of a trench battle. Real guts and determination shown against a headstrong Italian pack on torrential conditions.

Yes - Paterson is a legend, we scots harp on about Wilkinson killing games flow but how safe is it to have a kicker as dependable as 6(18). Follow that with exemplary kicking from Parks. Great Stuff.

Hines Yello was soft considering Truncons earlier offence which escaped the ref. Oh I know why - truncon was the ref...

Glad that 75th minute kick went off for Italy that was a real cant look moment.

Joyous result - vindicates Hadden who I was behind 100% for AB selection.

Lets hope for a more expansive game next up where Lamont can really shine..

  • 4.
  • At 10:39 PM on 29 Sep 2007,
  • aurora snow wrote:

What is going on? The other day, on this same blog people were posting racist material about the French, and now I am not allowed to make derogatory remarks about the Scottish rugby team who are rubbish by the way.

Would it be ok if I added a few racist slurs?

  • 5.
  • At 10:40 PM on 29 Sep 2007,
  • Big Al wrote:

Fhew, glad that one is over! Good on you Chris! That should take Scotland back into the top eight in the world rankings.

Hopefully Scotland will thrive as underdogs in the quarter finals.

But Jonathon Kaplan should score -10. Some of the worst referring I have seen for a test. He is not capable of even referring a school match. Appalling!

  • 7.
  • At 10:48 PM on 29 Sep 2007,
  • Ian wrote:

I appreciate the weather, but Scotland had to show more adventure than this. If Italy had just a little more belief and used the high ball more in the second half, they would have one. Scotland have won through to the next round with a negative mindset against New Zealand and Italy, along with average displays in the other two. You could argue that this is a professional game and Hadden has done what was required, but eventually you have to put your neck on the line and have confidence in your attacking abilities.

  • 8.
  • At 10:50 PM on 29 Sep 2007,
  • Steve Gregg wrote:

I have to say that was one of the worst Test matches I have ever watched, preceeded by one of the best Test matches I've ever had the pleasure to see.

Every encounter between Scotland and Italy is dour to say the least, with neither team seeming willing to lose, but not having the adventure to win.

Credit to the Italians for running the ball a bit, but this is one relieved Scotsman signing off for the night!

  • 9.
  • At 10:51 PM on 29 Sep 2007,
  • Jamie Gorman wrote:

Paterson only 7 - Bah!!! The 100% star deserves more!

  • 10.
  • At 11:01 PM on 29 Sep 2007,
  • Peter wrote:

A win is a win is a win

Scotland did not play well in terms of attack but Parks finally nailed a big game performance with no errors and led us to a victory supported by Patersons quality kicking - 6 from 6 not bad for someone who people were quick to say bottled it last weekend

Sympathy for Italy, not really, too many off the balls, the take outs on Lamont were questionable and as for the trip and high tackle on Parks well Kaplan missed too much and wasnt consistent enough reffing the game

What next - Paris under no pressure with a crack at a semi place - if we can tighten the scrum and Rory Lamont is available - who knows

we can continue to dream - all I can say is that it is better to be in the highlands tonight than the valleys

  • 11.
  • At 11:05 PM on 29 Sep 2007,
  • aurora snow wrote:

The censors are hard at work. I have read the house rules and it says no racist material. So why did they allow stuff the other day that was derogatory about the French as a people and not allow my criticisms of the Scotish rugby team . Do they understand the distinction? When I say that the Scottish rugby team are poor and do not deserve to be in the QF's I am not seeking to make a general comment about the Scots.

  • 12.
  • At 11:09 PM on 29 Sep 2007,
  • Soren Mischa Bradley Bailey wrote:

A pity for Italy? I think you may been watching the wrong game. Shocking fouls and cheating moves meant the Italians got their just dessert. The lose the needed. How fun that was to see.

  • 13.
  • At 11:11 PM on 29 Sep 2007,
  • Stephen Running wrote:

Wot a load of tosh! Scotland had to beat or draw with Italy. job done, onto the 1/4 final. Bergamsco, Tronocon should have both been OFF, red carded, the high tackling went on and on, yet Nathan Hines got sin binned for a smother tackle?

Scotland played poorly tonight, but proved that even in playing poorly they could beat a 16 man Italy. Mr K...don't they teach the offside rule in S.Africa?

not the greatest display, but as I say, job done.... hopefully in the QF we'll ge the chance to play rugby, rather than having to fend off fringers all night.

  • 14.
  • At 11:19 PM on 29 Sep 2007,
  • BOb wrote:

Game could have gone either way Scotland more composed than the fiery foot tripping Itialians. Having said that Scotland world cup should come to an end now!

  • 15.
  • At 11:25 PM on 29 Sep 2007,
  • Mike wrote:

Any team with a decent midfield will rip scotland to shreds. Good win tonight, playing Italy at their own game, BUT Scotland play 10 man rugby and don''t have a hope against any team that can throw it wide. Italy didn't try and penetrate out wide, and even Argentina will find holes to exploit. Best part of the game? Hadden's smile when Bertolussi missed the final kick at goal and then realised he was on camera!

  • 16.
  • At 11:27 PM on 29 Sep 2007,
  • Mike wrote:

Any team with a decent midfield will rip scotland to shreds. Good win tonight, playing Italy at their own game, BUT Scotland play 10 man rugby and don''t have a hope against any team that can throw it wide. Italy didn't try and penetrate out wide, and even Argentina will find holes to exploit. Best part of the game? Hadden's smile when Bertolussi missed the final kick at goal and then realised he was on camera!

  • 17.
  • At 11:38 PM on 29 Sep 2007,
  • Anonymous wrote:

Any team will three-quarters will destroy Scotland. Good win tonight, playing solid 10 man rugby, but that's all Italy do anyway and certain players went missing for them (Parisse especially after a great opening 20 minutes). The best thing for me was Frank Hadden's smile when Bertolussi missed his final shot at goal; then he realised he was on camera!

  • 18.
  • At 11:38 PM on 29 Sep 2007,
  • Matt wrote:

OK that was just a wee bit too close for comfort! The main thing is that we got the result though and can now look on to the quarter finals. Hadden seems vindicated in his second team selection against New Zealand.

I thought that Dan Parks had a great game today and controlled the match with some excellent kicking. It is good to see him playing so well after all the criticism that he has had to suffer.

Patterson again was superb with his goal kicking and still maintained his 100% record.

Even Hugo Southwell didn't play too poorly as I remain somewhat sober after the age old Hugo Southwell drinking game - yup you guessed it drink every time Southwell fumbles the ball/makes a mistake. Remarkable how often you get totally legless!

Scotland really need to up their game to face Argentina or France though as that will be a much sterner test. However, they could not have asked for a kinder draw in the quarter finals and hopefully they may be able to build on this hard fought victory to develop a more ambitious style of rugby and cause an upset of their own.

  • 19.
  • At 11:39 PM on 29 Sep 2007,
  • BlueinEngland wrote:

Really impressive from Dan Parks, I thought. And his little break from our 22 (followed by the trip - how on earth did the officials miss it?!)will make future opponents a little less certain of what he might do with the ball.

I thought Nathan Hines' yellow card was really harsh (only just a penalty) and inconsistent after Troncon's tackle in the first half. Kaplan a bit officious, but it was always going to be that kind of game.

But, as the 'great and legendary' Jim Aitken said in the 1984 Grand Slam video which I've just watched for the first time in years, "It doesn't matter now. It's all history."

Well done, lads. Just enough to sneak through. Let's crank up the pace and intensity next week, and you never know!

  • 20.
  • At 11:41 PM on 29 Sep 2007,
  • Edward wrote:

The composure of Scotland was enough and with all the citations that that Italy would have occurred from their foot tripping taking men out with out the ball would have struggles to field a team if they had win.

Congratulations Scotland unlucky for the cheating child-crying baby Italians.

England all the way!

  • 21.
  • At 11:43 PM on 29 Sep 2007,
  • Colin Gray wrote:

Great tension, and all that - but I nearly spat out my breakfast hearing David Sole on the commentary in the last 5 minutes refer to 2 great teams playing the match.

Must of had a dram or two to calm the nerves, and got a bit carried away !

  • 22.
  • At 11:46 PM on 29 Sep 2007,
  • BlueinEngland wrote:

Really impressive from Dan Parks, I thought. And his little break from our 22 (followed by the trip - how on earth did the officials miss it?!)will make future opponents a little less certain of what he might do with the ball.

I thought Nathan Hines' yellow card was really harsh (only just a penalty) and inconsistent after Troncon's tackle in the first half. Kaplan a bit officious, but it was always going to be that kind of game.

But, as the 'great and legendary' Jim Aitken said in the 1984 Grand Slam video which I've just watched for the first time in years, "It doesn't matter now. It's all history."

Well done, lads. Just enough to sneak through. Let's crank up the pace and intensity next week, and you never know!

  • 23.
  • At 11:48 PM on 29 Sep 2007,
  • Dom wrote:

I wouldn't say it was a dour game of rugby Steve Gregg. If you knew any thing about rugby, you would have appreciated some of the tactical play in the game. It was tight, there was a lot of stake, wet conditions etc It was never going to be a high try scoring game. I would certainly give Scotland a good chance of making the semi final, especially with a kicker as good as paterson in their team.

  • 24.
  • At 12:01 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • LooneyAlba wrote:

I'm sure any non-southern hemisphere team playing in such conditions would have resorted to this battle of kicking attrition.

With so much at stake it was always going to be a tight battle fought in the forwards. No one wanted to gamble on anything. I’m also sure that Scots forwards still had the 6 Nations fresh in their mind.

The difference was the team that played the rugby won. The team that tripped, clothes lined and took out players didn't.

Oh, does the ref get a score? No, didn't think so. I would have given 0 as well!!!

  • 25.
  • At 12:14 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Derek Mathieson wrote:

As a regular detractor of Dan Parks in the past I would like to congratulate him on a flawless and near perfect kicking performance.Yeah it wasn't pretty but a bit unfair to harp on about how bad this was and how great the Fiji game was.This was gripping stuff for 80 minutes and given the heavy rain was never going to be a tryfest like the other game.

  • 26.
  • At 12:30 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • fred scarran wrote:

A horrible game, with two horrible and a also a horrible referee who seemed to have an attack of conscience after sin-binning Bergamasco7. How his brother stayed on the pitch is beyond me and how Kaplan allowed the Italian try to stand is another mystery as flattened by Bergamasco12 who then tackled the Scottish fullback in the air and without the ball??? Italy should really be banned from international rugby as their cynicism outweighs any positives they bring to the game. The Italians continually killed the game yet it was Nathan Hines who was binned for a tackle nowhere near as bad as the Troncon stranglehold on Parks.

  • 27.
  • At 12:35 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Ruaraidh wrote:

We were always the better team, but a really nervy 80 minutes.

well done boys

  • 28.
  • At 12:38 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Muzzer wrote:

Great result lads!I don,t care if it wasn,t pretty,it was never going to be a night for expansive rugby in that weather.Besides looked what happened to Wales when all they had to do was keep it tight against Fiji and surely would be in Quarters.Sometimes its just all about doing whats necessary to get through!Great tactical kicking display from Parksy as well as organising the troops and Mossy as usual can,t seem to miss from ANYWHERE!!!Should,ve gone for goal at 6-0 and Italy down to 14 men,instead of going for lineout,i,m sure that would,ve been a nail in coffin of Italians and saved the nation a night of torture.I forget its Scotland,we never do it the easy way!

  • 29.
  • At 12:40 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • sam wrote:

on the performances throughout the 1st round round Scotland deserved to go through they have been better than any of the European maybe even northern hemisphere sides ok they were lucky to go through after that game but the ref made some awful decisions in favour of Italy and Scotland will still have their eyes on the semi's whereas England don't have a chance.

  • 30.
  • At 12:50 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Mark Rowantree wrote:

For once we got the result. Nothing particular to write home about, apart from the performance of Dan Parks.

  • 31.
  • At 01:12 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Lauren McIntosh wrote:

I'm not really appreciating all the negative comments! We won didnt we! After some of the opinions on here you may not have believed it! I think every credit is due to the players they had a lot resting on them especially after pretty much being told that they did not have a chance against nz and so they wont try at all! maybe it wasnt the most exciting match of the tournament but through to the quarters with the strongest team for a long time and thats what counts.

  • 32.
  • At 01:34 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Alasdair Adams wrote:

I thought Scotland did what they had to do tonight. Everyone seems to forget the drubbing we took off of Italy at Murrayfield in the six nations. We've come a long way since then, especially in the forwards who were more than a match for the strong Italian pack. I'm proud that we've managed to maintain our quarter-final qualification record.

However, there still seems to be something missing from the Scottish game. Whilst the forwards have improved physically, I find a lot of the breakdown play is sloppy and uncontrolled. There also seems to be a distinct lack of flair in the backs who have not been particularly effective when I've seen them. My final complaint is with the general level of handling throughout the team. We have dropped/failed to catch the ball a worrying amount of times throughout the tournament, especially from kicks. The Italians had obviously noticed this weakness prior to the match and tried to capitalise on it with their high kicking approach.

That said, I can't complain about the work rate or commitment of the team, which, as always, has been first-class. I look forward to the quarter-finals and any further progress we may make.

  • 33.
  • At 01:43 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • happymartins wrote:

I started off the game wanting Scotland to win but after a couple of minutes of David Sole's commentary I changed my mind! Who is paying this Moron? He should try watching a game with both eyes open for a change.

The Scots deserved the win though uninspiring as it was, sad to say though if play a similar game against the Argies then they may even sneak into the semis!!! Patterson's kicking is superb (I don't rate him as a player but you have to say he stays calm under pressure taking shots at goal)

Italy just created nothing, Berbizier has his work cut out to avoid an embarrasing 6N

  • 34.
  • At 01:53 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Colin McKie wrote:

Thought the score line flattered the italiens a bit. Possible accidental offside for the try where Troncon used his own forward to burrow towards the line? He wouldnt have made it otherwise. And the Italiens were very cynical in contact and were lucky not to be punished further.

  • 35.
  • At 02:17 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • p****d off wrote:

I am so ashamed. To see our national coach stand there and be that rude and unsporting to smile with glee at a miss from an Italian - you do not do that. You may feel it on the inside, and you may jump for joy when your team scores, but you do make visiable your pleasure at the other teams failure. It is just rude.Have some dignity Hadden!
And I am appalled at how cynical Scotland were- they had obviously been told to go for penalties, if they score a try while doing so, so much the better, but penealties, points by the boot. I thought the whole point of having bonus points for tries was to encourage teams to go for the line, not depend on their kickers?yes, if in the course of going for a try, you get a penalty 80% of the time go for it, but it shouldn't be what you are after. It shouldn't be the only way you can win games. Yeah we got tries against Romania and Protugal,but I should think so. Heres a thing though, both of those teams got a try against the All Blacks, we didn't. And we didn't again tonight.I want to see tries. I am sure the Welsh tonight are beyond depressed, but I would just like to say that I would prefer to be Welsh tonight than Scots. Why? Because they went out fighting for the line, not for the posts. Yup,penalties played their role in that match, but they were just part of it, not the entirety of it.There were NINE tries in that match, FIVE from Wales and they can go home proud and to be frank, though they lost and are going home, I think they gave more in the way of entertainment to this World Cup than Scotland, England and Ireland put together.We didn't deserve to win that match.We were bl***y lucky to do so.Italy were very unlucky not to.They are fighting such an uphill battle in that country to get rugby in the minds of the population (I know how hard things are here,but they pale in comparision to how hard it is for Italy) and they have done so well and they went for the line.
Oh I don't doubt many reading this will disagree,but how about this thought?What will Scotland do when CPaterson retires?Or when he is injured?Pray like mad that a new kicker will come along?Like England, we are becoming far too dependant on one player and like England, we will come a cropper for it.Teams like Italy,Argentina,Fiji, they have some very good players,but none of them (even Pitchot) are indispensible. Paterson is. Those other teams play and win and lose as teams.I want to see more of that from Scotland.I want to see them run, not just straight into people, but imagination,flair and skill.And no one will be able to convince me it isn't there.It is.Hadden Smadden just hasn't got it out of them yet.Webster is one of the few that has that flair and imagination.You can see it in Rory Lamont,it used to be there with Saun,but he seems to have run out of ideas of late.But I want to see the whole team with it.I know those guys played their hearts out and gave their all,but I would have been happier than I am now if they had lost and had played like Wales did.It wasn't pretty from Wales,but it was a hell of lot better than us in terms of running rugby.If you don't want running rugby then I suppose you will be fine with the path Scotland seem to be taking.
Oh,one more thing for anyone who has bothered to read this,how about changing the points gained from a penalty from three to two? And a drop goal from three to either two or one?I would love to see what that would do the way teams approach matches.
And yeah some of the Italians were going beyond the rules,but so were the Scots.And Kaplan is never going to whistle a good,fair,clean match- that would mean he wasn't the centre of attention and that just would never do!
I bet they edit this and all!

  • 36.
  • At 02:34 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Saltire wrote:

happymartins (34) - Berbizier doesn't have his work "cut out" with anything at all, since he's no longer in charge of the Italian team!

Well done Scotland tonight, it was always going to be a tight, tense game, and I thought the boys survived brilliantly. One big game from a semi-final now, make the nation proud!

Argentina will win Scotland next sunday by 30 points. Pumas are much better.

  • 38.
  • At 03:11 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • arbuthnot wrote:

We're in the quarters and so the record still stands. I suspect that this was Haddens only aim. Perhaps now we can look forward to some cheeky bugger style rugby, we can be quite good at that.

  • 39.
  • At 03:40 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • iain wrote:

scotland played a fantastic game better than they have in years. it just goes to show that if scotland play there next games with the same grit and determanation they could make it to the final.

  • 40.
  • At 03:52 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • we disagree with P****d off wrote:

in reply to the message off p****d off i think it shows how ignorant you are. if scotland had not got through this evening the comments would have been for haddens resignation instead we have a serious chance of beating argentina and making the semi's for the only the 2nd time in world cup history and are likely to be the only northern hemisphere team left in the competition if that does happen! yes it was not of the calibre of wales match but the conditions dictated both matches style of play and with fiji being an in and out 7's team it is hardly surprising that the match was full of running rugby. as for hadden i think it is nice to see a coach from his HOME country being proud of what he achieved however williams would have been great im sure!!!!! and as for your comment about italy's outright cheating being matched by the scots again shows your absolute ignorance italy should have recieved more yellows and as for troncon what a disgraceful appearance by somebody wearing the captains armband. you are quite clearly one of those scots that so many people resent because no matter what happens you are never really happy. i expect you to be out in full french or argentine kit when we play our quarter final --- no i didn't think so.

  • 41.
  • At 05:09 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Matt wrote:

Yet another night of watching Scotland through spread fingers over my eyes - I'm getting too old for this sort of thing. But, WE WON, which says a lot for this team, better Scottish teams have lost such games in the past.

Conditions were dreadful, our handling and ball retention was terrible, even allowing for the rain, but we got there - statue for Mossy anyone?

As so often in this World Cup, the match officials were terrible. The other seven "big" teams all seem to get the breaks from the officials, why is it only Scotland who don't?
Time and again last night Kaplan punished us and let Italy away with murder.

Finally, what about that Italian full back's "dive", priceless.

  • 42.
  • At 06:01 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Jocky Boy wrote:

Scotland 18 Italy 16, quarter finals once again, eat your shorts all you complainers, get behind the lads and roar them on. Bet none of the complainers have bough a ticket for murrayfield in the last few years ?.

  • 43.
  • At 06:04 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Paul wrote:

#32 summed up my thoughts, except that I don't think we were a match for the Italian forwards. They produced better quality ball for Troncon and Italy always looked more likely to score a(nother) try.
There were so many times that the ball squirted out of rucks and mauls. Scotland tackled well and did not let the Italians gain the upper hand, but it was 'professional' stuff and it felt like the Italians had much more fire.
Italy were unlucky to lose, and the most worrying thing of all was that the Scotland team were starting to look like an England team.
Still, all credit for hanging on and getting a chance to show some improvement against France.

  • 44.
  • At 06:32 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • mike wrote:

Scotland, hard fought win, good job.
Quater final:

  • 45.
  • At 06:39 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Barrhead Al wrote:

I am so glad Scotland won. You get fed up being the gallant losers who "made a good game of it". I am sure Wales would swap places with Scotland now.

  • 46.
  • At 07:38 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • jim wrote:

Lucky Scotland, very dull Italy.
Very dull rugby match. The contrast with Wales vs Fiji was huge where there was so much more intent to do other things than kick it away.

  • 47.
  • At 07:41 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Donald Young wrote:

35....get a grip as well as coach of a national team HE IS A SCOTSMAN, why shouldn't he be happy.....

Perhaps this idea of sportsmanship does too far sometimes.

  • 48.
  • At 07:42 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Donald Young wrote:

Job done but only just, poor night for anything but neither team wanted to lose. On the balance of the game the result was just about right. Paterson was strong thankfully and I think that Parks finally showed some class. Forwards bullied a bit, need to be tougher, whole team defended well as you'd expect.

Yet again Scotland played a 16 man Italy, can't we get a ref who is not willing to be bullied by these guys???? Troncon and Bergamasco should both have been off never mind sin binned, someone should let Troncon know the ref is the guy in the different coloured shirt to everyone else and he runs the game. My true thoughts on the Italian team are probably not publishable so I won't make them but put it this way some of the clubs I've played with in the past "would have sorted them out" shall we say.

All in all the group stages have been okay and I'd gratefully see our celtic cousins or the Argentinians in Paris next Sunday. Tighter scrum, more fluidity in the half backs and a bit of adventure could see us progress, show us we can stand up with the big guys.

  • 49.
  • At 07:51 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • derek belm wrote:

A poor quality match and the perfect illustration of why all the NH hemisphere sides (France a possible exception) have struggled in the RWC.
Neither the Scots or Italians are deserving of a QF place, same for the Welsh and English.
We're all playing a very limited and limiting brand of rugby, with only Wales showing flashes of inspiration.
On this performance and others in the RWC, the Scots would struggle against all the SH teams, plus Argentina, Tonga and possibly even Fiji.
Securing a QF was a realistic ambition, but I'm not sure there's too many positives in terms of the team to build on.

Generally a depressing campaign.

  • 50.
  • At 08:09 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • James wrote:

Glad to see so many happy Scots posting. But failure to score a single try, or frankly even look like scoring a single try for the last 160 mins of international rugby would have the knives sharpened if it were England. Argentina will be a much more severe test, which I can't see Scotland passing. And please stop moaning about the Ref; he gave you 6 kickable penalties after all.

  • 51.
  • At 08:24 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Mike Towl wrote:

In the cold light of day and whether the jocks and boyos like it or not only England ever had any chance of carrying the flag for the home nations. It's much to do with skill but mostly to do with self expectation. Wales and Scotland don't expect to achieve much. Glorious defeat is enough. Not for England. England expects!
Mike Towl

  • 52.
  • At 08:26 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Dave wrote:

I think Scotland deserved to win, the reasons being:

Bergamasco should have received a second yellow and therefore a red after that trip on Parks
Troncon should have received a yellow after that high tackle (Hines did after all, so a bit of consistency would have been nice)
The other Bergamasco managed to take out the referee and Rory Lamont in the move that led to the Italian try.

I really think we have a chance against Argentina as it'll probably come down to goalkicking again...if it does then we're looking good.

  • 53.
  • At 08:34 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Tom wrote:

Thought the Scots were very poor tonight, but the Italians weren't that much better. No doubt rain and nerves played their part.

Several commenters have said that Hadden's decision to field a second team v NZ was vindicated. I don't see how. I certainly don't think we'd have played much worse if we'd have fielded our first team against the All Blacks six days before.

To me, it's not just about the results. This is a world cup where our rugby is on show to a global audience. We've got to play better. Nothing less than a great, rugby performance, win or lose, in the quarters, is good enough.

  • 54.
  • At 08:57 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • AX wrote:

Scotland was just extremely lucky!
Italy lost only because of Bortolussi (French native BTW) who missed 3 kicks.
What I see is that while the Italian Rugby grows, the Scottish one goes down...!

  • 55.
  • At 09:02 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • David MacLeod wrote:

In reply to post 35 - how do you know what Frank Hadden was smiling at?
Well done Scotland!

  • 56.
  • At 09:08 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Turbinator wrote:

Well done Scotland, mission accomplished I would say. Last night's game was poor but the conditions were terrible and the pressure was intense - for both sides this game effectively dictated the progression of the sport in the country for the next 4 years so you can't blame them for being edgy.

I don't see why everyone is so doom and gloom. We have punched above our weight I feel - we have less players and less clubs than all the other 'big nations' in the tournament and when you go back to how poor we were under Matt Williams I think Frank Hadden deserves immense credit for where we are now.

With regards to the comments by p****d off #35 - I think Frank Hadden was fully entitled to smile when Bortoluzzis penalty missed with 5 minutes left. It was justice for all the dirty cheating the Italians had done that had gone unpunished by the diabolical Kaplin. And to say the Scots were the same? I don't recall th Scottish scrum half clotheslining Ramiro Pez or one of our flankers blatently football tackling any of their players. And how about that dive from Pez - Didier Drogba or what? I thought this was supposed to be an honourable game....

And as to your comment about rather being Welsh - get a grip man !! Who cares about playing good rugby if you get the result - my fiancee is Welsh (and a bigger rugby fan than me I hasten to add) and I'll tell you what, as enjoyable as the Fiji game was entertainment-wise, guess who is the happier bunny tonight.

So as Scots I think we should take a little reality check - we are not world beaters, we are a small nation where rugby is not even the second most popular sport in the country. Lay off Frank and the boys - they did us proud last night. You should follow the words of Jocky Boy # 42 and get behind the team instead of berating them. Good luck for the 1/4s lads !!!

  • 57.
  • At 09:20 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Hemper wrote:

Post 25: It was Mauro who was sin binned and mirco who did the trip

  • 58.
  • At 09:21 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • ed wrote:

I wish people would get their facts straight before posting.

One poster said that Bergamamsco should get a three game ban for the trip. Fair enough, but to justify it by arguing that he had already been sinbinned is wrong, as it was his brother who committed the earlier offence.

Another poster criticised the full back for diving. It was Pez, the fly half who dived. Bortolussi had an outstanding game under the high ball and didn't dive at any point.

As far as I could see the only reason that Scotland won was that in Parks they had a fly half who had mastery (for one night only?) of the basics, whilst Pez looked like he should be playing for the under 11b team.

  • 59.
  • At 09:25 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • craig strachan wrote:

did you actualy watch the game?

Scotland won all of their own lineouts how can you say a hooker didnt throw well if they won all their lineouts. If you want to rate players you actualy have to watch the game

  • 60.
  • At 10:05 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Rob Young wrote:

After the 6N match against Italy of course this was always going to be the big onr for Scotland. No wonder there were a few nerves on the pitch.

To those who say that neither Scotland or Italy deserved to be in the 1/4 finals blame the draw. Both teams showed they were better than Romania/Portugal. You can only beat the teams in your group and if you don't then don't complain that other teams go through.

  • 61.
  • At 10:13 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Dave bLACK wrote:

I feel compareing the welsh game to the scottish one is a bit pointless. the wales fiji game was one of those rare occasions in sport which will be remembered for a decade. Both teams choosing to play expansive rugby against a poor defence. The scottish game was involving in its own way but was just a average match. the conditions did play a part anyone who has tried to play rugby in heavy rain will tell you that you do have to make consesions. finally frank hadden is more than entitled to smile when that kick failed to go over it was a gaurded moment that was picked up by the cameras and i bet you he behaved impeccably when actually exchanging commiserations with italian officials.

  • 62.
  • At 10:17 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • munstergirl wrote:

whiy is everyone assuming it'll be argentian v scotland in the quarters? it could well be france as ireland could well beat argentina! as for the scots well if you cant score a try against italy wand italy missed a few kicks, then what does that tell you about scotland?

  • 63.
  • At 10:19 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Ali from Tob wrote:

Well I watched the game in a rugby pub in Venice (yes, there is one) and felt somewhat embarrassed by the win. OK, I saw the match filtered through the hysterical Italian commentators and a partisan but fair crowd in the bar, and if I'd been them I'd have felt very hard done by.
Yes indeed, Scotland's job done, and huge plaudits to Dan Parks and Chris Paterson. I well remember the triple crown game at Twickenham in 1975 when Scotland had about 8 opportunities to win the game with fairly simple kicks but neither the great Andy Irvine nor the great Jim Renwick could pop over the vital ones and England won 7-6. Not to mention the great Gavin and the 1991 in-front-of-the-posts one. So let's accept a vital game won by supreme kicking.
Having said that, the lineouts, though won, resulted in scrambled messes and - yes I know it was wet - but such a lot of dropped balls!
However, I had to haud my wheesht quite a bit over the Italian foul play and dodgy tactics. Loads of high tackles, and yet into the sin-bin went Nathan Hines for a tackle which was a clear attempt at a smother.
However, this morning in Italy, football resumes and Scotland carry on in France. Let's be thankful.
Now, lads, well done. The fiasco of Murrayfield earlier this year is in the past and you don't need to worry about it anymore. So... have a bit of fun and play some rugby.

  • 64.
  • At 10:20 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • rick wrote:

Well done Scotland. Italy were always going to be tough opposition and Hadden's NZ selection has been vindacated. Would we have edged it if the players had been battered and bruised up front by the All Black ?

I felt Hamilton was immense and altho the kicking game was perhaps dictated by the conditions I'd had preferred if we ran thru some phases before putting boot to ball.

This was gritty performance but we will need to go up another gear next week.

  • 65.
  • At 10:22 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • kenny wrote:

A poor display from Scotland, they were very lucky to win. Hadden broke up the rhythm by fielding the 2nd team against NZ; the first team have worked hard to be where they are and deserve a pop at the best.

Let's hope Scotland start playing with a bit more intelligence in the QF - they should play to their strengths NOT the oppositions. I know it was a wet night but they must use the strong speedsters more - we have the best three-quarters Scotland have had in years and they hardly got any attacking ball.

We must do better!

  • 66.
  • At 10:30 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Alasdair Blackwood wrote:

I've only just glanced through most of these posts, but I was surprised by how little the referee has been criticised.
There were so many incidents where the interpretation went against Scotland. I never watched the first half because I was at wedding but in the second half the Italians were a yard off side at every ruck, Troncon stamped not rucked a few times in front of Kaplan and reacted to a soft shoulder height tackle by Hines to get him carded, the Italians dived over the tackle on countless occasions to kill the ball or slow down possession.

Other than that our props were stupid enough to pull down mauls that were at the best of times fragmented and going nowhere fast. These decisions and the subjective accidental offsides were so easy for Kaplan to make.

We need to get smart to make it hard for referees with tinted glasses to make decisions against us.

Anyway, imagine a former Scotland under 19 captain having a wedding on the day of the last Scotland pool match !!!

  • 67.
  • At 10:36 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Alasdair Adams wrote:

"In the cold light of day and whether the jocks and boyos like it or not only England ever had any chance of carrying the flag for the home nations. It's much to do with skill but mostly to do with self expectation. Wales and Scotland don't expect to achieve much. Glorious defeat is enough. Not for England. England expects!
Mike Towl

England can expect as much as they want. I fully expect them to be knocked out by a much better Australian side. Don't see you making any more progress than us this year.

  • 68.
  • At 10:43 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • sable wrote:

As many have said, dreadful game, good result.

Anyone who seriously thinks Hadden would be better to try and turn Scotland back into playing glorious losing rugby (currently (c) Wales) should read the vitriol on the corresponding Welsh blog regarding Gareth Jenkins.

We would have won this quite comfortably with most other referees. Kaplan is one of the worst; not for the slightly different emphasis of the SH guys, which is fair enough, but for his inconsistency and inability to see the obvious.

The poster (#50) who said earlier that we shouldn't complain since we got six kickable penalties (actually it was seven, since we didn't take one), is well wide of the mark. Perhaps he's Welsh.

Seemed to me that the build up to the Italian try had two different offences: Lamont was taken in the air (probably before the ball arrived), whilst Troncon ran into his own man before touching down. Kaplan penalised Scottish forwards several times at the lineout for similar offences, but missed the important ones.

Same with the high tackles: Troncon gets away with it, Hines is binned. And as for the trip, how Kaplan (and to be fair, his touch judges) missed it, I can't imagine.

Don't know the rules about referee allocation, but hopefully that means we won't get Kaplan again.

I hope for Argentina next round; clearly a better side than Italy, but the posters suggesting a 30/40 point deficit are dreaming...

  • 69.
  • At 10:45 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Al wrote:

I was at the game, and it was all about geting the job done and they did it JUST.

After the game the team bus rolled up in the cenre of St Etienne and the whole team went to the pubs for 3 hours (midnight to 3am) so we had the opportunity to talk to the players and get photos with them.
I spoke to:
Jason White
Simon Taylor
Chris Paterson
Chris Cusiter
Kelly Brown
Huge guy Hamilton
Ali Hogg
Dan Parks
Andy Henderson
Sean Lamont

  • 70.
  • At 10:55 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • BlueinEngland wrote:

Even though I'm excited to see Argentina do well so far this World Cup (sadly probably at Ireland's expense), some of the predictions of how many points they'll put past Scotland are presumptuous and ill-informed.

For a start, they haven't even reached the QFs yet! (looking forward to the game this afternoon). Secondly, Scotland didn't even begin to show what they're capable of yesterday. If Parks and Paterson repeat their kicking performances next week, that alone should be enough to make the game competitive. Hopefully, the rest of the team will really turn up to the party. If they do, Scotland have a great chance.

Some of the 30 or 40 point margins being discussed are daft. A 1st choice NZ side put 40 past our 2nd team (whatever FH says they were).

If Argentina do play us and beat us, I'd want them to go all the way.

  • 71.
  • At 11:01 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • john wrote:

#63 wrote 'we must do better'

What is better than a win. If we win the world cup I seriously don't care how it's done. I don't care if it's by luck or by playing boring defensive football. What counts is winning. Well done the boys. Winning is always better than being valiant losers.

  • 72.
  • At 11:03 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Andy Melrose wrote:

I'm glad we've gone through however i'm really concerned about the lack of adventure we've been showing lately.

Obviously the conditions were not ideal but we have got a great back row who can do damage with ball in hand.

Hopefully next week we can go out an play some attacking rugby get guys like the Lamont brothers involved hitting the line.

Hoping that someone takes a look at the Italian cheap shots both the trip and the high tackle on Parks

  • 73.
  • At 11:14 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Rucknroll wrote:

Scotland have more chance than England or France of going to the semi finals....where we would meet a beatable South Africa and then a complacent AB's in the Final....Followed by a victory parade down Prince's Street! Oh dear I am beginning to sound like Ally Macleod, funny stuff this malt whisky, it won't be the AB's in the final but England.
Well done Scotland against a cynical Italian team who deserved nothing.

  • 74.
  • At 11:25 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • John Ponting wrote:

As an English man living in Scotland, I am so pleased they won - having seen the comments made so far it would have been hell going into work today if they had lost to a team that played all the rugby on the day. That said with such a great kicker in their team the Scots must still be in with a chance of one more upset.

  • 75.
  • At 11:32 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • DC wrote:

Well done Dan Parks and Chris Paterson - in the same team!!

I don't care if there was no flair or even tries. It was a mucky night and a poor game but the result is the most important thing.

OK so Wales versus Fiji was a great match, but Wales are now out. I am certain that the Welsh team and supporters would much rather they were involved in the quarter finals. The fact that they went out in a spectacular match will be of little consolation to them.

Let's now give the supporters a performance to be proud of. The tournament really only starts now and we are involved!!!

  • 76.
  • At 11:34 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Buzz wrote:

It's a sign of the times when some Scottish rugby fans are getting all excited about scraping a drab win over a very poor Italy.


  • 77.
  • At 12:27 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Rugby observer wrote:

I think Buzz says it well.

Did we really think 13 years back that by adopting professional rugby that the measure of progress would be whether we scraped into the QF of the World Cup against three emergent rugby nations and protecting our so-called "better" players from the AB?

It was a nervous game for Scottish and Italian fans but for the ordinary spectators a total snorefest.

No doubt Hadden's self preservation strategy will seem justified by what has happened to Wales' Jenkins, but Scotland's Rubby needs to move on and up a few levels or give up and the former is what the SRU have signally failed to do up to now.

And to feel safe Hadden needs to get to the SFs no matter who he ends up playing.

  • 78.
  • At 12:32 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • DG wrote:

Armchair experts....don't you love them? The long-winded post from p****d off puts it all together in one steaming pile.

In a nutshell as I saw it:

- The pressure on FH and the team was enormous before and during this game.
- The weather was atrocious.
- The Italian team was strong and fired-up.
- The Scotland team was better disciplined.
- Chris Paterson (for it is HE) made his kicks.
- Scotland won.

Good luck to the boys for next weekend!
I for one will be supporting them wholeheartedly.
Bring on the Pumas.

  • 79.
  • At 12:34 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • I`m no expert but..... wrote:

Great result given all the pressure to get the win. Ok it wasn`t pretty but what tension....!

Given the state of Scottish rugby at the moment and the resources available I think that we have done well thus far and anything else really is a bonus.

Incidentally has anyone else looked at the IRB website and noted the number of registered players available to each nation - we have less senior male players than most...including Fiji/Ireland etc! Perhaps we do still actually punch above the weight of our obese nation.

#34 - what a load of drivvle....!

C`mon Scotland!!

ps Good luck Ireland today!

  • 80.
  • At 12:41 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Jonny wrote:

* 61.
* At 10:17 AM on 30 Sep 2007,
* munstergirl wrote:

whiy is everyone assuming it'll be argentian v scotland in the quarters? it could well be france as ireland could well beat argentina! as for the scots well if you cant score a try against italy wand italy missed a few kicks, then what does that tell you about scotland?

It tells me that girls from Munster don't actually know anything about rugby for a start! Good luck this afternoon, I hope you make it!

  • 81.
  • At 12:41 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Jonny wrote:

I think the scoreltine flattered Italy. Their try should never have been allowed to stand given it came from Mirco Bergamasco clearly taking out Rory Lamont in the air.

Kaplan then proceeded to let them get away with murder, the inentional clothes-line on Parks by Troncon that didn't even receive a yellow never mind a red from the inept ref, the trip by Mirco Bergamasco (who should have been off) on Parks again when he was through their midfield defence.

Arrivederci Italia, you won't be missed.

Job done, onward we go. It wasn't pretty but I won't hear any criticism from Englishmen on our style of rugby!

  • 82.
  • At 12:43 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • john wrote:

So many comments about a dull poor lucky performance by Scotland , achieved only by the kicking boot of Chris Paterson !!!!! i believe it is 20 out of 20 , anyway people with such short memories England set that standard , ive lost count of the number of matches England fluked with dull , poor , lucky performances achievd by the kicking boot ????????????? oh ye now they remember !!!!! Italy are no pushovers and had to be treated with respect , a lesson England would do well to remember when they play these lesser teams ( wrong attitude guys ) while England fell asleep between world cups others were preparing !!!! enjoy the rest of a fine WC rugby is again the winner .

  • 83.
  • At 12:56 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Phil wrote:

#50 - Mike Towl

England always expects. Mainly because the press and commentators conspire to make you believe in a mystical divine right to win and the supposed skill of your sportsmen.

Good luck to you I say but you will need it because your team (with the exception of JW) lacks skill, cohesion and tactical nouse.

  • 84.
  • At 01:02 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • parahandy wrote:

#74 - No what's pathetic is that despite the Scotland rugby team doing something (again)that our Football team has never done - qualify for the second stage of the World Cup, there are still those who want to inject bad feeling into it. I didn't enjoy the game as I was too nervous, as it seems were the players, but I certainly enjoyed the win and am looking forward to the next stage much more than I would be without Scotland. If this was football we'd all be cockahoop regardless of the fact we hadn't played at our best to get there.

By all means recognise the fact that we must do better in the next round but at the same time celebrate getting there. You can only beat the teams put in front of you.

Is there anyone out there who if asked before the start of the competition if they would take qualification for the QF and a game against(probably) Argentina for a semi place that would have asked for something different? NO? Didn't think so.

Although I expect Argentina might have said the same!

  • 85.
  • At 01:57 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • BuzzKill wrote:

6s, 7s and one eight!! HA HA HA!

Ah come on Scotland!

That was an awful game of rugby....80s Triple Crown drivel. Italy deserved to win for at least trying to score some trys. If that last penalty had gone over for Bortolussi you would all be singing a different tune!

Its all "job done" and "a win's a win"...that certainly won't win a world cup.

You field a second string out to New Zealand because you're afraid to even try; and just accept defeat before a ball is even kicked????

  • 86.
  • At 02:09 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • munstergirl wrote:

jonny 79 i know plenty about rugby thanks very much for your concern though! clearly some of the ppl here cant take some critiscism. and it's true italy missed some vital kicks! im sorry but scotland have to score at least one try in a match!

  • 87.
  • At 02:23 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • tynedale worrier wrote:

It strikes me that bloggers are all afflicted with acute cyniscism, once the preserve of media hacks, whereby teams are dammed if they lose and doubely dammed when they win.

Frank Hadden has got it spot on. Three out of four games won in the pool and a relatively plum quarter final draw (anyone really prefer the alternative of Scotland taking on France in Paris??)

Get behind Scotland and talk it up not down. South Africa in the semis and who knows?

  • 88.
  • At 02:23 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Jammy wrote:

post 35: sorry but this was a match that we had to was never going to be a pretty game to watch nor was it going to be full of tries and im sure most people would much rather the win rather than some tries and for us to lose. And you cant fault the way every single one of them played....they gave it their all and showed great determination to come through.....well done lads!!

  • 89.
  • At 02:30 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Alex Schuster wrote:

There are a lot of critics out there attacking Scotland because they are excited at reaching the quarter-final. But, as an Irishman, I can testify that it is a major achievement to reach the quarter-final of a Rugby World Cup. And fair play to Scotland for getting through and leaving open the possibility that they may go further.

I'm also a bit bit bored by the posters from Argentina who predict massive victories over Scotland. It simply will not happen at the quarter-final stage (assuming the Pumas go through today against Ireland). Scotland are not a great team. But, despite their victory against France, Argentina are not exactly a world class team either. And Scotland will play their hearts out for the cause next week and they have a great kicker. Anything could happen.

  • 90.
  • At 02:33 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Big Lad wrote:

No.84 Buzzkill,
I don't think we would be singing a different tune. I think we'd still be complaining about the awful referee (& linesman) who we keen for the Italy win.
If the referee was half good we'd have won this by far more than just 2 points.

  • 91.
  • At 03:01 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Reviresco wrote:

ALL the home nations have performed poorly, but we won and have got through to the knockout stage.

A bit fed up with all these English people complaining about Scotland playing a kicking game rather than a runnning game - the kicking game has been England's tactic for the past 20 years so why the high horses?

Perhaps they are jealous that they will be out next game without a hope wheras we have a chance to progress the semi's

  • 92.
  • At 03:08 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Anonymous wrote:

# 89 Big Lad

Referee and linesman "keen for an Italy win".
That's ridicolous!

Its true - they should have penalised Bergamasco for his trip - but it didn't really look intentional on first look as he tried to pull out of it. And it was harsh that Hines got sin-binned for his "high tackle" when it was unintentional and apperared high because he's a big man - if he went off then Troncon should have gone off too.

But don't accuse the referee of favouring the Italians, that's a bit blinkered of you.

Scotland have no ambition of actually winning the competition if they are afraid to play the All Blacks in the group stage and are happy to kick their way to beating an Italian side that contains about 2 players that would make it into the squad of any of the stronger teams.

  • 93.
  • At 03:19 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • nelson wrote:

Not a classic performance by Scotland, but certainly job done. A place in the quarter finals, hopefully against Argentina and a genuine semi final chance.

Have to say apart from a 15 min spell in 1st half and a nervy ending Scotland generally appeared to be in control of the match and gave the impression they could have raised their game had the scoreline required it.

Also got the usual performance from Kaplan, not the first time he has tried to help out Italy against us. Lamont was hit before he had the ball for Italy try. Granted Kaplan had been knocked over in the build up so may be excused for missing it, but his touch judge? Also how Bergamasso's trip was missed is beyond me. Troncon's high tackle? Penalised but no yellow but then a yellow for Hines for a similar challenge but in no way as cynical or with as much intent!!

Also this was knock out rugby in horrible weather conditions was always going to be a tactical battle rather than expansive game.

  • 94.
  • At 03:53 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • village wrote:

totally agree with comment 24 Scottish wolfII

However, this is not the first dive I have seen by the Italians-in a match, cannot remember who against, an Italian was blocked from chasing his kick and dived to exacerbate the offence- outrageous, happened about 8mths ago.

I remember thinking then do not bring any of that cr*p from football into the best team sport in the world- strikes me it could happen more often-Ihope it does not as there is NO PLACE IN RUGBY FOR ACTING

referees beware

  • 95.
  • At 04:41 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Big Dave wrote:

I never played the game so I don't pretend to know the rules but I did notice Jason White was penalised for contact with his own player in front of him whilst driving from a ruck. I noticed Troncon also barged through his own player before touching down for a try is there a difference in the two incidents.

  • 96.
  • At 06:05 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Dunedin wrote:

In response to p****d off's post (No. 34)Hadden's smile was one of relief - a very human reaction given the pressure of the night - and it only lasted a second.

Did you see Mauro Bergomasco getting berated for his professional foul on Simon Taylor that prevented a possible try scoring opportunity.

I don't recall Berbizier not celebrating Troncon's try because Mirco Bergomasco took out Rory Lammont while he was still in the air.

Or pointing out the referee that the same player tripped Dan Parks when he was through.

I don't remember him substituting Troncon for the cynical late & high tackle on Dan Parks.

Did he tell the Italian Phyio to tell Pez to get up and stop play acting?

I don't know which cloud you're on, but it must be nice up there.

I don't believe in winning at all costs, but I do want National Coaches to instil a desire to win in their teams and to be happy when they don't lose.

It would have been unprofessional for Hadden to complain about some of Kaplin & his colleagues oversights, but he didn't even though it may have been justified.

The Scots game is limited, but last night was not the weather to try to play the expansive game.

As for dropping penalties down to two points, that would play in to the cynics hands, why not commit professional fouls that prevent trys with inconsistant refs who most likely won't produce a card.

As for drop kicks, if you got the kicker and forward dominance, why not be rewarded for it .... remeber Zinzan Brooke's drop goal - I' d say that was worth 3 points.

  • 97.
  • At 06:08 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Graham wrote:

Apart from being delighted because Scotland made it to the quarter finals, I am also delighted because it means that complaints about the most inept refereeing performance I have witnessed in international rugby doesn't sound like sour grapes.

If Kaplan referees another match involving Scotland again, it will be too soon.

Bergamasco could and should have been yellow carded for taking out Lamont in the air and when he didn't have the ball. He could and should have been yellow carded for his trip on Parks.

Troncon was penalised and spoken to by the Kaplan for the high tackle, but not yellow carded. Kaplan could be clearly heard telling Hines that it was his first offence, but he was yellow carding him anyway. In normal circumstances, I would have thoguht a yellow card was a bit harsh, but would have no real complaints. After Kaplan's failure to yellow card Troncon, the decision smacked of favouritism.

The yellow card for Bergamasco was fully justified, but why no penalty try?

As for the Italian stand off - does he realise what is likely to happen to him the first time he is unfortunate to find himself at the bottom of a ruck? He is either a sap or a cheat. Either way, he is not fit to play international rugby - which is a pity given how well he played.

Finally, an earlier poster suggested that the points for penalties should be reduced to 2 points. That would simply result in more penalties being awarded.

The Italians deserved everything they got last night - it's just a pity that there is now little point in any of them being cited.

  • 98.
  • At 06:14 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Rick Meister wrote:

Scotland are one very lucky team to be in the quarters as they have been in the easiest group by far as it contained the worst second, third and fourth seeds in the competition and Portugal are vying with Namibia for the worst team in the tournament.
Ireland, Wales, Tonga and probably Samoa would have beaten Scotland, and they were very lucky to even squeeze past Italy.
England are very one dimensional and rely too much on their forwards, but both Scotland's forwards and backs are very average and painfully dull to watch.
For the good of rugby, Argentina, who have been a breath of fresh air, need to win next week.

  • 99.
  • At 06:18 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Arj wrote:

Jeez why don´t we have a World Cup for losers and whingers.....the World Rankings would look very different:

3.WALES (+2)
4.IRELAND (+3)

and no doubt be worthy of OBE and MBE field days!!

  • 100.
  • At 06:52 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Louisa wrote:

Argentina are an excellent team that could go all the way at this RWC. Scotland need to cancel out their forwards, win as much ball at line-outs as the Italian game. Also, Parks and Patterson will need to kick just as well and we will need to show some of the adventurous back play seen in the Romanian and Portugal games.
The weather and the ref can not be as bad as the Italy game.
So we need all of the good points from the first four games (including the brave performance against the ABs) and an ability to change the game in real time depending on what the Pumas do and what the day throws at us.
If nothing else we need to play out of our skins so we can win or lose having made progress this RWC.
Well done to Hadden and the team!

  • 101.
  • At 07:11 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Proud Scot wrote:

Well done Scotland!

Not the best match by far, but it was never billed as such. And it will be the same against Argentina.

A fantastic performance yet again by Dan Parks, after watching the Irish (especially O'Gara) fail against the Pumas, I feel quite confident that we can certainly scare them, if not pull a win out the bag.

I don't understand the negativity about Chris Paterson's kicking. 4/5 years ago we didn't hear anything else other than about the feet of Mr. Wilkinson, now the tables have turned and because Scotland have the best spot kicker in world rugby today its deemed unimaginative. They weren't shouting that after the world cup final last time round!

Italy tried to bully a win out of Scotland last night and failed. They resorted to underhanded tactics and were indisciplined. Scotland held their ground, defended well and held out for a win to qualify us for the quarters.

I for one am fed up with the so-called scottish fans (or should I just say Scots in general) who continualy admit defeat and play down our chances of success. As a nation we should be proud that the 15 men taking the field representing our country at this sport of kings have made the last 8 in the world! For Gods sake, stop whinging about how lucky we were and lets take on the Pumas with a bit of self belief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 102.
  • At 08:04 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • andy wrote:

great display but we will have to have our breakaways in the form of their lives to beat the Pumas where they tore Ireland to pieces but we can do it . Chris Patterson will be worth 18 points again next week if we keep our discipline and shape good luck boys.

  • 103.
  • At 08:27 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Rob Roy wrote:

Yes, Argentina had a great day the office today BUT one can only wonder how they would have played if they had been chasing for tries and the need to have an eight point winning margin.
Scotland don't claim to be world beaters but they have found a way into the quarter-finals and it could prove to be a very interesting match with Argentina. Lamont (Sean) is a handful whilst Dewey is an ox who can run fast -- I'm not convinced of his worth at an international level. It is ironical that Scotland who have had similar problems with the number 10 jersey seem to be coming good whilst their Celtic cousins across the Irish Sea have had their first dose of difficulty in a position O'Gara has made his own and in partnership with Stringer has been a force to be reckoned with. We lack a class act like Brian O'Driscoll and he played his heart out but could not win by himself tonight -- it would be interesting to see how the RWC referees and citing judges would have handled Umaga's and Mealamu's spear tackle.
I digress, don't write Scotland lost too soon -- it's always handy being the underdog. And both Paterson and Parks seem on top of their games at present -- still can't believe that Parks is playing well but long may it continue. Pity about Rory Lamont's knock -- he's had a great World Cup.

Let's keep the confidence building. If before the tournament we'd be looking at beating Argentina to get into the Semi's I'd have taken it.

Let's get behind the boys and roar them on to victory. All this infighting is our Achilies heel. Let's for once, ALL get behind the lads.

I've got £10 on them reaching the final, which I put on when FH took the role. But I'd give my winnings up if it means getting through the next round and to the semis.

  • 105.
  • At 09:31 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • MACWOMBLE wrote:

Lamont is ok and will train with the rest of the team wed.

Most namby pamby footballers would have been out for a month after that challenfge last night.

Off to Paris at the weekend, can't wait.

  • 106.
  • At 09:39 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • disappointed wrote:

good luck to scotland v argentina! as an irish fan i'm bitterly disappointed but ive realised that there is no shame in being beaten by a better team on the day! we only have ourselves to blame although saying that the ref let the argies away with some questionable tactics! hope sctoland go out at the argies but i'm afraid they will more than likely be beaten! but good luck to our celtic cousins anyway!

  • 107.
  • At 09:55 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • R Donald wrote:

Scotland won because they scored more point than Italy........ Simple.

  • 108.
  • At 09:57 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Mark E wrote:

I had high hopes of Scotland giving Italy a good thumping today. Perhaps I under-estimated how much improvement there has been in the Italian game. Our lineout was great, and our kicking was exemplary (in parts). However, this was yet another classic example of Scotland's poor handling abilities. The number of times I saw the ball being dropped or men taking the pass while stagnant (or in front) is unbelievable. I know Scotland are capable of more than this and I hope this was merely one of those awkward Italian games. I hope that we will step up a gear for Argentina. Blimey - we will have to!!!! Mark E, one proud Scottish person

  • 109.
  • At 10:07 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Malky wrote:

Well done to Scotland for winning but it could so easily have gone the other way.

If we're to have a hope of beating Argentina we need to keep the ball in the tight phases as long as possible. Our backline is inferior to Argentina's. I agree with the comments that a team who can get it out wide enough will find gaps in the Scottish defence. New Zealand did (and look how often the ball gets past 12 when passed along the Scottish backline - or even number 10. Not often!)

Handling errors and discipline need to be cleaned up generally too as well as my big bugbear with the Scots team this world cup: support play isn't as good as it should be. Quicker boys! Much quicker!!!

Otherwise I like the fact that we've shown a lot of guts and got to the QF's, bruised, but there. Now if the Scots rugby fans could be as loud as our football counterparts were in France not too long ago we might have a chance against Argentina!

  • 110.
  • At 10:40 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • scotty wrote:

Might as well hand over the Cup to New Zealand right now.They are the only team worthy of Voctory.
As for Scotland, what boring Rugby!!!

  • 111.
  • At 10:49 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • fly half wrote:

Selection against AB's was depressing - made more depressing when the 'first team' cannot control a number of phases or catch the odd high ball against Italy. Conditions should not prevent a professional team from controlling the game with the ball in hand.

  • 112.
  • At 10:51 PM on 30 Sep 2007,
  • Norman Macdonald wrote:

To describe Italy as "emergent" is both ignorant and insulting. They emerged well before they secured a place in the (now) 6-nations. They have a well-organised team under Berbizier and one which has more than a bit of street-wise, thanks to Kirwan and a lot of exposure to top French club rugby. Italy has more than twice the number of registered players from which to draw and their steady recent improvement is a sign of this numerical advantage coming through, now having been coached from a young age.
It is nonsensical to criticise Hadden for the NZ selection - we have too many players whom we cannot afford to lose - even for a match against Italy, who were ranked above us at the start of this tournament.
That said, we shall not beat Argentina at 10-man rugby - WE SHALL HAVE TO RUN THE RISK OF WINNING.
W.r.t. officials, is there a rule somewhere to the effect that NZ never throw a forward pass? Not that it mattered greatly other than to the poor Romanians, but four of the NZ tries involved forward passes! One of their moves was more like a relay race. I know that they play at great pace and that their varied angles of running can be confusing, but when a pass is delivered from one side of the helpfully painted 22-line and received two metres in front of it.......

  • 113.
  • At 12:11 AM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • village wrote:

There is a rule stating NZ can never throw a forward pass- comes right after the one stating South Sea islanders cannot be sent off for high and late cynical tackling because it is "part of their game".

well done Scotland -but I do fear for your chances after that Argentine performance today-good luck

Cymru am Byth

  • 114.
  • At 12:23 AM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • Toni wrote:

It was a dismal game, but come on, who could have followed that amazing game Wales had against Fiji? As usual the dour English are falling over themselves to criticise the Scots, If they beat a team in difficult conditions with such a performance the media would be calling it an inspired tactical performance! And as for the poor show the Scots put on against NZ, at least it was a (very) second string team, unlike the English team that was humiliated by the Springboks.

  • 115.
  • At 01:22 AM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • Interested Onlooker wrote:

#102- Now's not the time to rip into NZ's performances. Even if 4 of their tries were discounted they still ran in 9 additional tries (total 13) and that was with them conceding 7 turnover balls. Imagine how much better they would be if they tidied up their game more. If I were you I would be more worried about how Scotland will perform against Argentina. I know most ppl on this thread want to support Scotland but Argentina are looking formidable- that's just a bare fact. Scotland will have to lift their performance a great deal more than what we've seen this WC in order to overcome Los Pumas. Question is: Does the Scottish team have what it takes mentally and physically to go that extra mile?

  • 116.
  • At 01:30 AM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • Interested Onlooker wrote:

#110- Now's not the time to rip into NZ's performances. Even if 4 of their tries were discounted they still ran in 9 additional tries (total 13) and that was with them conceding 7 turnover balls. Imagine how much better they would be if they tidied up their game more. If I were you I would be more worried about how Scotland will perform against Argentina. I know most ppl on this thread want to support Scotland but Argentina are looking formidable- that's just a bare fact. Scotland will have to lift their performance a great deal more than what we've seen this WC in order to overcome Los Pumas. Question is: Does the Scottish team have what it takes mentally and physically to go that extra mile?

  • 117.
  • At 01:45 AM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • yakherder wrote:

Watched the game on PPV in New York. High drama and tension, not pretty but solid. Lets put this in context of the last time we met Italy, we'd all like to forget I'm sure.

- Last time vs Italy throwing it around we got humiliated.

-Credit to Hadden for a smart gameplan and to the players for executing on it effectively. There is a calculateness to our play that I welcome, not all heart and no head. I'm hugely positive about how far the team can go.

- If that means keeping it far from an often leaden footed and hamfisted backline so be it.

-Really was World class positional kicking from Parks and goal kicking from Patterson. Remember when we used to get annihilated by SH/england teams who kicked us around the park, never letting us get into attacking positions.

- Fullbacks had a bad one, on a tough night, expect Argentina to focus there. With Lamont 1&2 on form there is confidence running at the opposition (the exception to the leadenfooted comment above). Also thought henderson was better than Dewey when he came on, old school "Jardine on the crash ball".

- Henderson or Dewey should be going straight back into the breakdown at angles to suck in the halfbacks, this plays to our strength in the backrow, and covers our pace and handling weakness. I can't see us ever having a decent creative backline (ex Lamont) so why go through the motions and end up 30 yards back, 30 yards away from support and static. Argentina will take advantage if we do.

- Support for the carrier in the pick and drive better than vs NZ, Romania or Portugal, where too often they were isolated, too slow or error prone.

- Forwards body positions improved over the last game, but are still not making the most of their extra weight, pulling in defenders and creating space elsewhere. The much vaunted new strength and size didn't seem to help when Italy were mauling, how often did we pull it down illegally?

- To do a new zealand style blitz the other team has to commit more bodies to the breakdown and we must get the ball out at lightening speed with options from each phase. I think we can do rise to occasion and everything will click into place in the QF.

- Anyone here seen Craig Smith play in other matches? He seemed out of his depth and the rating above is very generous for someone who almost cost us the match for a schoolboy error.

Looking forward to a great game against Argentina. Lets hope we get the tactics right, find their weak points and really go for it. I don't think the other teams did their homework on Argentina, am sure that Hadden already has.

Final more comment, excellent display from the fans in the stadium, was great to hear the bagpipes etc!

Come on Scotland.

  • 118.
  • At 03:52 AM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • Drano McBaino wrote:

Here's a rare viewpoint: Rugby has become what the National Hockey League became a decade ago.

I hear a lot of complaining about the Scots team showing no creativity, and how exciting it was to see Wales going full-steam for a try every chance they could. Well, the same was said in North Anerica about a certain team called the New Jersey Devils, which developed a style of hockey called the "Trap" game... defensively minded, it clogged up the centre of the ice rink and all but eliminated the flowing, tricky play-making of the Gretzky-type hockey players. Small, nifty players were outclassed and smothered by the much larger, muscle-bound players who followed the "Trap" strategy. Over the next number of years, the pro-hockey finals featured teams that fit this mold. And that is precisely where Hadden and company have seen the game turning and wisely followed the trend rather than hang onto some eloquent vision of what rugby is "supposed to be".

Rugby, like hockey, is what the rules allow it to be.

But you rugby purists, take heart! The National Hockey League made significant changes to the rules two years ago which have returned the game back to a more dynamic, passing-play style that is now giving the chance for the 6' and shorter (but really fast and fancy playmaking) hockey player to shine again. Lesson learned... so it's up to the International rules of rugby to follow suit when they're ready.

Way to go, Scotland! You may not be the most creative team, but you are in the playoffs and maybe now can show a few moves of your own.

  • 119.
  • At 09:43 AM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • Stefano wrote:

I am an Italian supporter who was at the match. One thing that I noticed was that, yes.. there were the odd cheerings from the crowds of both teams, however the match was so tight that people where more interested in biting their nails rather than shouting.

Fair play to Scotland, they were the most disciplined. However, I must say that the general feeling was that the match was a thrown away occasion for Italy rather then a confirmation of the great playing shown by Scotland in the previous matches.

So it is life.. there will be other great moments for us as well.. And now.. Go on Scotland! Do it for the northern Emisphere!

  • 120.
  • At 09:46 AM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • Simon wrote:

Quite a few comments here suggest that for Scotland to only just beat Italy is in some way poor.

Shows a great disrespect for Italian rugby.

Italy lost their discipline and as result lost the match.

  • 121.
  • At 09:47 AM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • Gordon Crooks wrote:

Scotland should have kicked for goal at the third penalty. They went for a try and history has proven they dont score tries especially from penalty situations. Defense and kicking is what they are good at and these are the tactics they need to adopt in the future. Get the ball into the opponents half and get a penalty. England have used this tatic sucessfully in the past against Scotland. It wins matches which is the main objective in any game. A well played game which results in a loss is quickly forgotten.

  • 122.
  • At 09:55 AM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • Richard wrote:

I've read a whole load of Scottish Nationalistic Rubbish. The Bottom line is It was a tense game, and dirty play on both sides. But the reality is that Scotland didn't win it Italy lost it. Scotland didn't score trys and never looked like scoring them. they didn't even "Win" more penalties than Italy. Italy missed their penalties. Bortolussi missed 3 or 4. He should never have been kicking after the Romania game when Pez rescued Italy. That was BBZ call, and he got it wrong. Also Italy beat Scotland in the forward battle and and dropped bad passed crucial balls, Ie the pass from canale to Robertson which was a certain try. In the end Scotland rode their Luck and they are in the Quarters, well done, But Argentina will slaughter you, and that will bring you down a peg or 2!

  • 123.
  • At 11:37 AM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • Scott wrote:

The idea that Italy deserved the win because they were playing more rugby is laughable. The only time I remember them in our 22 was when Lamont was taken out in the air. They reason they missed those kicks was because they were from distance, i.e. because our tactics, kicking, defence and discipline were better on the night.

The one eternal mystery, why can't Scotland play in the wet? It's not like we're not used to it. I dread it now, the players handling is so poor when it starts to rain.

Ref had a shocker, for obvious reasons. There seems to be a habit for refs to feel they have to be fair by evening up the cards given to teams, regardless of which team is offending more. Italy got off lightly.

Let them talk up Argentina, an underrated Scotland side playing with no pressure is a dangerous animal. Need work on the breakdown though, oh dear.

Final point, when was the last time your first XV was exactly the same as that of the Scotland coach. Hats off to Hadden, 1 to 15, absolutely correct in my opinion.

  • 124.
  • At 12:16 PM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • Cynic wrote:

The usual unbalanced tosh from the ignorant. Wales and Ireland fans would do better at minding their business - you're the ones who thought you were better than you are and your arrogance has cost you. Scotland know exactly how good they are - hence the sacrifice against NZ - and have reaped their just reward. Two words for you: job done :)

  • 125.
  • At 12:19 PM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • ContinentalOp wrote:

I can't believe some of the posts on this thread....

#1 The goal of professional sport is to win. If you are playing a side with a big physical pack in driving rain, then you do the basics, put pressure on them and take your opportunities to score points. You can take your 'Wales were so entertaining and deserve to be there' and ask Welsh supporters whether they would have prefered to have beaten Fiji with penalties and be in the QFs or be sat in Glamorgan right now.

#2 Hadden is getting unfair criticism. Lets look at the home nations coaches - Hadden has the smallest group of players and had the hardest pool game (v NZ) to negotiate. EOS has contrived to make Ireland peak around 9 months ago and should have been beat off an amateur side (Georgia). Jenkins' Welsh performance has resulted in him being sacked after being unable to come 2nd in a group with Fiji. Ashtons' selections resulted in 36-0 drubbing off SA but England are now improving. I think FH has done the best job because he has prepared his squad to meet the challenges posed and we now have a QF as underdogs. I don't think we could have been favourites for any QF anyway.

#3 We won despite the Italians getting the luck with some bad refereeing misses. You trip a player running at speed (even Parks' speed) and you deserve a red card. No arguments, no dispute. Did you not see Stuart Abbott's tibia and fibula splintering when Betsen tripped him 18 months ago. He would have been a RWC player for England, so ask him about tripping.

#4 We are in the QFs of the rugby world cup and are going to play a very, very good side. We have nothing to lose, lets go for it and be positive. If the option had been running rugby with plaudits for brave, plucky scotland but ultimately getting beat 25-20 off Italy and 50-25 off NZ, or getting to where we are, I know which one I would choose.

  • 126.
  • At 12:50 PM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • davo wrote:

Kaplan was abysmal. Did he know Hansie Cronje by any chance? Why did none of the officials see the deliberate trip on Parks ?

Standard of refereeing has been awful throughout the RWC.

  • 127.
  • At 01:18 PM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • george.graham wrote:

Richard, i don't know wht game you were watching, the Scottish pack had the edge all evening and that's what won us the game. The ref didn't have a bad game but he missed a certain red card when Bergamasco tripped Parks, the same offence Vickery received a 2 game ban for. The Italian try came after Lamont was quite clearly taken out in the air and Troncon used his own player as a shield to go over. Troncon comitted an atrocious high tackle, no card, Hines committs a relatively mild high high tackle, yellow card. Scotland, th their credit card shrugged these bad breaks off. Yes, Argentina may slaughter us but wouldn't Ireland and Wales like to be in our position?

  • 128.
  • At 01:19 PM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • Alex Schuster wrote:

RE comment no 123, that's the problem for Scotland, they "need work on the breakdown". The worry here is that Argentina are the best side in the tournament when it comes to the breakdown, and they will secure numerous turnovers (as they did against Ireland) in the game with Scotland. So, though I would like Scotland to do well, I think that the current Argentina team will, in light of yesterday's evidence, be just that bit too good for them.

  • 129.
  • At 02:09 PM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • Marzoli wrote:

What a dreadful advert for European rugby. Scotland can not progress any further, Italy would not have progressed any further for that matter. Such a lack of ambition - to reach the quarter finals, big deal.
It seems to me if you can't aim to win the world cup then the objective should be to play good rugby. No one apart from the statisticians who provide the commentators crib sheets will remember in years to come that Scotland reached the quarter finals.
Can't quite believe that there are Scottish fans celebrating this dire display. It wasn't powerful, it wasn't tactically astute it wasn't even pragmatic. The game could have gone either way, there wasn't anything between the two teams.
What must the Southern hemisphere nations be thinking? Not quaking in their boots, that's for sure.

  • 130.
  • At 02:15 PM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • Nhunter wrote:

Far as I am concerned, a win is a win. I have looked at England winning that way or 20 years, and now we are doing it, English fans suddenly have a problem.

I remember the joke about England coach calling police to training pitch where white powder was found - scientific tests turned it out to the the tryline.

One comment on Kaplin - I clearly heard him say Bergamasco prevented a try illegally, and that was the reason or the yellow. Preventing a try illegally is an automatic penalty try, though. Unless I am wrong, Kaplin needs to read the law book.

Well done Scotland - you're still there. Now we're out of the group, let's fire those backs.

  • 131.
  • At 02:45 PM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • legin wrote:

This game showed just how poor Northern hemisphere rugby has become. Can you imagine the comments\laughing from the Southern hemishpere TV commentators. Dull, boring, one dimensional rugby.

  • 132.
  • At 03:18 PM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • Graham Young wrote:

Scotland went out and did a job that bthey had to do and for once we were the victors instead of being pipped at the post like days gone by.It could have been all so different mind you with the inconsistent refereeing.Hines gets yellow when not many minutes before the Italian gets of with a warning. Scotland get penalised for brushing against their own player (White)where as Truncon scores by knocking aside his fellow player, all very bizarre! It has to be a worry that Scotland are again playing another side Argentina who can and will infuence the ref and push the rules to the limit. It will be intresting to see if the ref will allow Pichot to bundle Blair round the scrum as he did Redden without getting penalised!!

Bring them on!!

  • 133.
  • At 05:03 PM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • Steve H wrote:

Glad to see I'm not the only one who thought the Italian try followed them tackling the Scottish full-back in the air and then committing accidental offside coming round the ruck to score!

I'm hoping that Frank Hadden has been playing his cards very close to his chest so far. Scotland will have to play much better rugby to get past Argentina, but I think it will be the closest QF match by a large margin, regardless of who wins.

  • 134.
  • At 05:13 PM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • paolino wrote:

Brava Scotland......
The improvement during last six nations were not confirmed by our team.
Italy and Scotland played a poor match and this is terrible for north emisphere because all two teams will be destroyed by wonderful pumas. Argentina plays five match in one year; they don't play in any tournament and they play against all rugby system. GREAT COMPLIMENTS FOR PUMAS.
My italian team has come back to his poor level. When we think to be ready for the quality jump we fail.....its terrible.

  • 135.
  • At 06:53 PM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • Kevin Underwood wrote:

In 12 months time all that will matter is how far Scotland went in the World Cup. History remembers results not how they came about.

If you want pretty go watch ladies tennis.

Congratulations to Frank Hadden for keeping our 100% record and for prooving once and for all how canny us Scots really are.

Good luck in the next round best half of the draw and everything to play for. Remember every game starts 0-0.

  • 136.
  • At 06:55 PM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • Old Fat and Slow wrote:

Until a few weeks ago I would probably taken some of the comments re Italian indiscipline with a bit of a pinch of salt since, anyway, we won. Generally I've been warm to Italian participation in the 6N - the trip to Rome is a belter, their fans are a good bunch and the headway they're making against Italian soccer is to be applauded.

BUT, that was a few weeks ago. What's changed my mind somewhat was participating in an international invitation tournament for teams drawn from a particular profession ( I won't say specifically which profession because I don't want to rain on our hosts parade)and where the Italian attitude at what all other participants thought would be 'social/semi-serious' level left much to be desired.

Over the games I was involved in I'm afraid I have never witnessed anything like the level of cheap shots, off the balls, simulation, head-hunting and sundry other nonsense. Kicking and sticking the heid seemed to be okay provided you don't get caught.

Not enjoyable and just not the order of the day in, as I say, a fun tournament to be played by amateurs. Not effective either since the Italians didn't win.

It all seemed a bit reminiscent of where French rugby was about a generation ago but without the redeeming feature of scintillating back play.

If this is in some way representative of the mindset in what I assume to be a rather lower strata of Italian rugby than at international level then I'm not sure if I'm so inclined to be indulgent of Italian rugby and just accept that some of the nonsense we saw on Saturday night is just something the Italians are going to get out of their system as they grow into the international game.

  • 137.
  • At 06:59 PM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • Andy Gibson wrote:

The introduction of Southwell was a blessing in disguise for Scotland and I hope this is taken on board prior to selection for Argentina game. Southwell should be more solid under an early bombardment of high balls which will be inevitable if Argentina's previous games are anything to go by.

  • 138.
  • At 07:01 PM on 01 Oct 2007,
  • Andy Gibson wrote:

The introduction of Southwell was a blessing in disguise for Scotland and I hope this is taken on board prior to selection for Argentina game. Southwell should be more solid under an early bombardment of high balls which will be inevitable if Argentina's previous games are anything to go by.

  • 139.
  • At 12:52 PM on 02 Oct 2007,
  • Alistair wrote:

Dear Paolino,

I couldn't agree with you more, maybe we're being unfair because of the weather and the importance both teams took to not losing, but the Pumas are going to batter us playing like that and Mr. Underwood,#135 maybe all you care about is how far we get in the competition but I reckon most fans who remember good Scottish teams in the past don't reckon beating a poor and arguably unlucky Italy by two points is a great achievement. History will not say we got to the quarterfinals and that therefore we were better than Wales, Ireland, Tonga, Western Samoa, because all of those sides would have beaten us playing like that. I just wish we had kept momentum going after Romania by playing our first team against the All Blacks and taken that through to Italy. Then we might have had some confidence and Argentina some concern about playing us next.

  • 140.
  • At 12:53 PM on 02 Oct 2007,
  • Alistair wrote:

Dear Paolino,

I couldn't agree with you more, maybe we're being unfair because of the weather and the importance both teams took to not losing, but the Pumas are going to batter us playing like that and Mr. Underwood,#135 maybe all you care about is how far we get in the competition but I reckon most fans who remember good Scottish teams in the past don't reckon beating a poor and arguably unlucky Italy by two points is a great achievement. History will not say we got to the quarterfinals and that therefore we were better than Wales, Ireland, Tonga, Western Samoa, because all of those sides would have beaten us playing like that. I just wish we had kept momentum going after Romania by playing our first team against the All Blacks and taken that through to Italy. Then we might have had some confidence and Argentina some concern about playing us next.

  • 141.
  • At 05:14 PM on 02 Oct 2007,
  • Hannah wrote:

Was not the best that Scotland have eevr played...but was not the worst. We have made it through and now we need to keep on going!!! Dan Parks has proved all the critics wrong and has been 100% the whole way through...keep it going boys.

  • 142.
  • At 10:54 PM on 02 Oct 2007,
  • Jamie Deans wrote:

Was at the game also!

Was worried by the closenes and the lack of imagination BUT I love Scotland and WILL be in Paris on Sunday and please please boys come and see the fans in the AULD ALLIANCE pub afterwards like you did on saturday night! What a lift for the fans! (hats off to them).

HOWEVER..............after watching the game on the telly I was disgusted at the italian diving, tripping and cheating. Then that ugly bergamasco having a go at the ref afterwards!

Scotland must take the oppurtunity this weekend to express themselves and play tp their potential, nothing suicidal just good hard rugby! Avoid pointless contact when isolated leading to inevitable turnovers that follow and we have a chance. Parks kick kick when in our half then probe probe probe in theirs!

One last word..............defend well against the high ball or scotland will get well beaten!

Fight and die for that wee bit hill and glen!

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