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I'm what's known in rugby parlance as a utility back. Rugby and golf are my main positions - I blogged from Ireland during the Ryder Cup - but you'll see me pop up in all sorts of other areas, too.

My fondest rugby memories are Five Nations Saturdays in the OVT at Birmingham University, and sitting in the press box at Twickenham covering the 1999 World Cup semi-final between France and New Zealand.

All impartiality went out the window when France began their famous comeback, as the hardened hacks, and me, leapt to our feet to cheer on Les Bleus.

Work over, the party in the pub in Twickenham that night was legendary, with a cocktail of French, Kiwis and British all celebrating a sensational game together.

Now then, call me old-school, but I reckon all modern backs should be made to watch videos of the likes of David Duckham and Phil Bennett back in the days when sidesteps (as well as sideburns) were as important as big muscles. Those guys knew how to beat an opponent one-on-one. England backs take heed.

Rob Hodgetts is a BBC Sport journalist based in London.

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