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I was born in Borneo, and swinging from tree to tree helped me in later years as I ended up playing rugby for Scotland.

This was predicted, funnily enough, by my Malaysian headmaster who said, on the day I left to start his new life in Scotland as an eleven year old: “Beattie, you are the roughest boy we have ever had here - you will surely play rugby for your new country.”

I won 25 caps and went on two British Lions tours and on retiring slid into broadcasting even though Chartered accountancy was tugging at my heart strings..

I play guitar in a rock band for fun, coach West of Scotland rugby club, and host radio and TV programmes North of Hadrian’s wall.

I’m, frankly, a bit alarmed that my son, also John, now plays international rugby as it doesn’t seem that long since the child was brought home in a blanket.

John Beattie is a former Scotland international who hosts radio and TV programmes for BBC Scotland.

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