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BBC launches 2012 culture contribution

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Roger Mosey | 10:30 UK time, Thursday, 24 November 2011

One of the pleasures in the BBC 2012 project team is seeing things that started as vague or even initially-unloved ideas turning into reality and surprising us with their ambition and quality.

So projects that were floated a couple of years back are now being delivered; and every week there are new programmes for us to watch and listen to.

They'll be hitting the airwaves in 2012 itself, but we can confidently predict that there's a lot to love - even though not everything may be your cup of tea.

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The BBC's legacy from the 2012 Games

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Roger Mosey | 09:00 UK time, Wednesday, 16 November 2011

I'm speaking today (Wednesday) at the Media Festival in Manchester. I've tried to pull together our activity aimed at securing a legacy from the 2012 Games, so here's that section of the speech:

This time next year the Olympics will have been over for three months. The circus will have left town. The year 2013 will be looming without any Games or Jubilees or Cultural Olympiads and it's here that you can see the sharpest challenge about what "legacy" really means. The question is what from 2012 can we capture and retain in the following years and for the next generation.

We can, I believe, see some of it already. In our BBC 2012 London Apprentices we have a bright set of people who are learning about our industry. The second intake is with us in London, and we're delighted that the scheme is now operating in BBC Scotland where they're also thinking about how we get the greatest value from Glasgow 2014.

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Olympic Torch coming to Walford

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Roger Mosey | 00:00 UK time, Tuesday, 15 November 2011

On the day that Locog have announced the Olympic Torch is going to the London Borough of Walford, we've the latest in an occasional series of guest blogs. This is from my colleague Carl Doran, who's the creative head of the Torch coverage across the BBC.

Last week London Games organisers Locog announced 1,018 places that the Olympic Torch Relay will pass through when it is carried around the UK next summer. We've already announced some pretty special places that the torch will visit like zip wiring the Tyne Bridge, reaching the summit of Mount Snowdon and crossing Loch Ness.

However, there was one more very special and rather unlikely place that wasn't mentioned... that is, until today. Regular fans of EastEnders may well have seen it coming from the clues in the recent storyline, but in tonight's episode (Tuesday 7.30pm, BBC One) it will be revealed that the 1,019th stop that was missing from the list is Albert Square in Walford!

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What do you think of the Games posters?

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Roger Mosey | 13:00 UK time, Friday, 4 November 2011

By common consent, the Cultural Olympiad had a slow start.

The initial reaction was more about head-scratching than hand-clapping - though, as we've noted here before, it has got itself into markedly better shape in recent months.

The idea of converting the peak events into the London 2012 Festival is a smart one, and today there's been a series of announcements about what people can expect to see in arts and culture across the UK next year. The organisers' Festival website has gone live and you can find it - with more information about tickets - here

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