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Roger Mosey | 17:08 UK time, Thursday, 9 July 2009

Before my own blog was launched, I contributed to the BBC Sport Editors' blog. Here are some of those entries:

Partnership and Focus
I want to concentrate today on two words: 'partnership' and 'focus'. Partnership is something you'll be hearing about a lot from the BBC, and I want to explain what it could mean around the Olympics and Sport; while focus is what I believe we increasingly need as broadcasters - and as a country and as a sports industry - to deliver the Olympics in the best possible way.

The morning after the morning before
So it's the morning after the morning before - when we saw two Britons finish in the F1 top 3 for the first time in donkey's years. We'll be hearing from the BBC team later this week as they get ready for Malaysia and Race 2, but in the meantime I thought I'd pull together some reaction and some viewing statistics.

Boat Race returning to the BBC
As a child growing up in Yorkshire in the 1960s, the Boat Race was one of the sporting landmarks. We'd gather round the black-and-white TV set on a Saturday afternoon for the events that mark the rhythm of the year; and alongside the Boat Race in our family's priorities were the Grand National, Wimbledon, the FA Cup Final and the Rugby League Cup Final - before Sports Personality signalled that Christmas was just around the corner.

The biggest events, for the largest number of people
I'm enormously proud that we have retained so many of the crown jewels of sport for the BBC - and our rights team have done a brilliant job in securing Wimbledon, the Six Nations, Match Of The Day, Test Match Special and the rest well into the next decade. This month we add Formula 1, and this autumn we introduce Football League and the Carling Cup.

Building The Olympic Dream
"Building The Olympic Dream" is a series being made by the BBC's in-house factual department which follows the inside story of the London Games.

The 2009 Formula One season on the BBC
The BBC will be providing comprehensive coverage of the 2009 Formula One season across all its platforms.

Good reasons to stay up late
I normally sleep soundly, but as director of sport I've found there are two exceptions to that rule. One is the night of Sports Personality where the buzz of the event is like drinking 23 cups of black coffee, and I find myself pacing round a hotel room in Birmingham or Liverpool at three in the morning. The other is when we have a Premier League rights deal in the offing and there's the late-night jab of awareness that we're at the once-every-three-years moment when the fate of Match Of The Day is at stake.

Plenty to look forward to in 2009
All the end-of-year reviews are agreed: 2008 is a year that's going to be hard to beat for sporting magic.

The frosty morning after the sensational night before
It's a bit longer journey back to London this year and I'm writing this on a train passing through the Midlands on a frosty, misty morning that says Christmas is just around the corner. If proof were needed, a Virgin Trains chaplain has just appeared along with an entire choir singing carols - except in coaches A and B where there's overcrowding...

Capturing the spirit of 2008
Some of our BBC Sport offices around Television Centre are beginning to empty as our production team moves to Liverpool for this year's Sports Personality Of The Year.


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