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Europe set up Ryder decider

Rob Hodgetts | 02:07 UK time, Sunday, 21 September 2008

"There's only one Ian Poulter,
"One Ian Poulter,
"Walking along, singing a song,
"Walking in a Poulter wonderland."

European Ryder Cup fans at Valhalla serenaded their new talisman on Saturday evening and captain Nick Faldo will indeed be in a Poulter wonderland if his controversial wildcard pick helps steer his side to an unlikely victory.

Faldo's men scrapped to stay in touch on a scintillating day at Valhalla and trail the Americans 9-7 going into the singles matches.


Poulter has become the heartbeat of the team and was cheered off the 18th green by the small but noisy band of travelling fans draped in flags and fancy dress. They will need to be every bit as vocal if Europe are to quieten the boisterous and partisan home crowd in Louisville.

"I wanted to play well for the team more than anything, or any tournament. They are all great guys to be alongside," said the Englishman.

But while Poulter, aided by good pal Justin Rose for two wins and Graeme McDowell for another, has been the star, every one of Faldo's men has played a part.


And the much-maligned skipper will need each and every one of them to stand on their own two feet and fight alone to overcome the deficit on Sunday.

There was a time when the European team was written off if it wasn't leading going into the singles but those days are gone.

Europe, though, still need to win seven points from 12 matches to retain the trophy, and seven and a half to win it outright.

"It was America's day on Friday and ours on Saturday. The team is really up and we believe we have a great opportunity," said an upbeat Faldo.

Given the home support and an equally motivated and talented American team, it still represents a huge task.

But Faldo now has no weak links after his bold decision to drop key pair Lee Westwood and Sergio Garcia from Saturday morning's foursomes paid off handsomely.

The move, apparently requested by the pair, meant that he could blood Oliver Wilson. And the unassuming Englishman, the only man not to play on Friday, repaid him with a sensational victory, alongside Henrik Stenson, over star US duo Phil Mickelson and Anthony Kim.

Wilson went out a boy and came back a man in Ryder Cup terms. And, having battled back from four down to beat the world number two and his partner 2&1, Wilson should feel he can take on America's new darling Boo Weekley in the fifth match.


The colourful Weekley has become an American idol this week and Azinger even believes that he could become the most inspirational US Ryder Cup player in history.

The crowd noise surrounding that match will be the loudest of the lot. But Wilson has now proved he can handle the big stage, and the key is for him to keep believing that. He will do his team-mates a massive favour if he can subdue the popular American.

Westwood and Garcia, Europe's top points-scorers at the last two Ryder Cups, have been quiet by their standards. But the Englishman, unbeaten in 12 matches until Saturday afternoon, has proved he is grittier than Monty Python's Black Knight and will fancy his chances against Ben Curtis.

Garcia's singles record is lacklustre - won one, lost three - and he will need to be at his ebullient best against America's bright young star Kim, but there are match-ups to savour all down the list.

Sending out Poulter, Westwood and Padraig Harrington - apparently at his own request - in matches 10, 11 and 12 could prove one brave call too far for Faldo.

The match could be over by then, with Azinger opting for strength up front.

But Faldo's major decisions have been vindicated so far. And who better to shoulder the responsibility, if it comes to it, than this year's back-to-back major champion.

Heroes will be made at Valhalla on Sunday.


  • Comment number 1.

    It's been a fascinating contest so far, and I'm sure the drama is far from over. Faldo has taken a gamble here - perceived wisdom would have it that front loading your strong players is the answer - but if it does come down to the last few singles he may well look a genius. To be honest, the way Harrington has played so far I hope it doesn't get to him...and please, please can Oliver Wilson (who looked fantastic yesterday) thrash Boo Weekley - all the "Boooooos" from the crowd are driving me crazy, it must be hell to be actually playing him!

    C'mon Europe!

  • Comment number 2.

    The wondrous thing about the high level sport is its ability to confound and confuse the observer. Even his most ardent supporter would have to admit some surprise at the way Poulter has played and the points he has scored. G Mac too, has been a relevation. The swedes did really well to hold on in match four so now the stage is set for a famous victory. Faldo has decided to risk three key players going out last, believing those games will decide the result. Few would agree with that strategy normally paying off; in contrast Azinger has gone for getting early wins with his strongest players going out first. But Faldo yesterday came up smelliing of roses when most thought he had dropped a real clanger leaving out Garcia and Westwood.
    Fascinating to see how it plays out. For the first time last night ,I sensed that Europe might retain the Cup. A man I thought should not be there ,turns out to be the talisman and heartbeat of the team. Mr Poulter, I salute you.

  • Comment number 3.

    i hope all those peolpe who have slagged off and put down Ian Poulter over the last few weeks are choking on their breakfast this morning !!!!!

    He has proved he can not only play golf but is also a team player.

    Lets get behind our boys and Nick rather than spend our time putting them down, which this whole country seem to enjoy doing.

    Remember he is where is through hard work and ditermination just look a his background

    Go Europe and bring that cup home

  • Comment number 4.

    Well here we go the last 12 singles and it is game on. After play finished we decided to select the twelve singles matches and at least we got one right in terms of players and game number, and that was Campbell v Harrington. In many respects both sides have alot of players who you could match up with anyone. I was hoping for Westwood v Weekly as the first game out. The key game is Weekly v Wilson and yes everyone has to perform but Europe does have a chance and it will need points and not halves from games 10 to 12 to win it. This is a tough call and my concerns are with a few players such as Casey, Karlsson (has to make the real pressure putts) and Harrington. This is going down to the wire and the 18th hole is going to be the theatre of dreams, nightmares or relief at half a point. Good luck Europe.

  • Comment number 5.

    Absolutely fascinating contest. Right from day 1 when Westwood and Hansen halved the last game, Europe has been hanging by a thread.

    Mahan and Weekley and Leonard have been good for US, but there have been as many puts missed by the Americans as by the Europeans. Kim will be tested in singles, I think he can be suspect, but as expected Furyk and Michelson are the biggest players for US in singles.

    All in all, its great credit to Europe and Rose/Poulter and all those fantastic puts by Hansen to keep them still in the hunt.

    It would take a miracle to beat the Americans from here on, especially in their backyard. Faldo's strategy is spot on. He's betting on all his weaker players to fight tooth and nail and keep Europe in the reckoning till his stronger players come on board. I also like the fact that when it comes down to the wire, I'd like my strongest and most experienced to be out there to soak up the pressure.

    Go Europe - if they pull thru this, it would be the stuff of dreams.

  • Comment number 6.

    I always suspected that Ian was going to come good for Faldo, so much so I even placed a small bet on him to be leading European points scorer (which is looking a very good bet for me at the moment!!!).

    I'm really delighted at how he has proved himself to be not only a great Ryder Cup golfer, but also a real team player. There was a lot of talk about him not being liked by some of his team mates, but from what I have seen this clearly is not the case.

    Well done to Faldo for having the guts to pick the right man even though he knew it wasn't going to be popular with the media at the time.

    Fingers crossed Darren and Ian both qualify for the next Ryder Cup!

    Regarding the draw for today, I think Faldo has wisely chosen to hold back some of his stronger player's till the end. It also shows that he has faith in some of his less experienced players to deliver, and I think that will give them confidence.

  • Comment number 7.

    I'm very pleased to read you say that Faldo's major decisions have been vindicated so far. Yes, yes, yes. I cannot understand the constant bombardment of criticism that has mostly been heaped on Faldo both before and during this Ryder Cup. Let the man do what he thinks best as Captain and then, afterwards, when nerves and emotions have settled and clearer perspective can be applied, berate him if they must but if praise is due, give it with generosity. The job of Captain is so nearly a "no win" in that to start with you cannot please most people. Let him do the best he can and then, afterwards, evaluate and praise or criticise. On most given days any one of each team can beat one from the other, and then lose to him the next day - whether it is Mickelson v Wilson or, say, Holmes v Harrington. Match Play is SO different to stroke and medal - rarely played by the professionals nowadays, and it is, in each case, cometh the hour, cometh the man, or down the gurgler. Margins of win, half and lose come so often to one shot - viz Karlsson's brave but missed attemt to hole out on 18. Once the players are out in the battle, there is almost nothing the Captains an do. It must be gut-wrenchingly wretched for each of them. I think Faldo has handled himself and all other aspects with courage and the steely determination that comes with being a multiple Major winner (look at Harrington nowadays - twice the man he was) - judge him on the result, and the way it is achieved, win or lose - give the man a chance and then be vociferous in your comments if you must. We all want the European team to win so please, no more unnecessary interim shots at the Captain, Faldo, for he is trying his heart and body out to see the Team prevail. Support him and his men - judging anyone before all the evidence is in is unfair, inequitable and distractingly negative. Mike McInnes.

  • Comment number 8.

    Firstly, I have to hold my hands up and say I was one of those contributors to the BBC blogs complaining bitterly about the selection of Ian Poulter. He has been Europe's outstanding player and selecting him as a wildcard has been a masterstroke by Faldo. I've not been Faldo's biggest fan but he's been under intense pressure this week. All I can say is best of luck today and I hope it turns out well for him. Just a couple of other points, Harrington has played better than his results have returned (it was the same in 06). He carried Karlsson in the opening foursomes and he and McDowell shot 63 in losing to Michelson and Kim's 61. In fairness he was completely flat yesterday morning when paired again with Karlsson, a decision that I still cannot understand. Surely pairing Westwood with Harrington was the way to go, and dropping Westwood anyway was bizarre bordering on the idiotic.

  • Comment number 9.

    I think its a mistake what Faldo has done by splitting your strongest players for the singles. He should have put all his big guns out first just like Azinger did. Garcia, Westwood, Poulter, Harrington and the other form players like McDowell should have been out first. That way, it keep europe in the match for a longer period, creates doubt in the american camp and most of all quietens the crowd. The way he has done it allows the yanks to build momentum. If the US players who are behind in the later matches see that they have won say four of the first seven games (which is not unlikely)even if they are behind it will give them incentive to turn their match around. It could concevably be something like 13-9 halfway through-with america only needing anothe one and a half points the crowd will get behind the weaker players and pull them thru. Europe needed to get off to the strongest start and somehow pull level or even nudge ahead as early as possible. Dont think that will happen now.

  • Comment number 10.

    I think the Americans will win, which will allow all the anti-Faldo rubbish to dominate next week.

    This is a great shame because picking Ian Poulter, as I commented long and hard on these boards, was the right decision.

    This has been vindicated by Europe's most disappoitning players: Harrington, Westwood and Garcia, none of whom have grabbed hold of this competition with an iron fist as Fado and Montgmorie and now Poulter have done.

    I also think loading the back end of the list with your best players is the right thing as well - it asks them to stand up and be counted. Something Faldo always did.

    I desperately hope Europe win this more than ever before, simply to silence Faldo's critics.

    In sport, respect is earned - Faldo has earned the respect of every golf reporter and every golf fan. Not one reporter or any of his critics have done the same to deserve reciprocated respect.

  • Comment number 11.

    There was some amazing golf played yesterday - by both teams...
    However, I'm worried by the singles draw.
    It's shaping up for Holmes and Weekly (the good ol' boys) to bring it home for the US.

  • Comment number 12.

    Faldo will always have fans' respect. He's earned it in spades. He is just not liked by many. That situation is made worse when you don't pick a guy like Darren Clarke who everyone loves.
    However, if Faldo pulls this off (doing it his way) then everyone will have to swallow it and say the guy is a genius.
    I suspect Europe will still lose and the argument will move to why he picked Casey instead of Clarke. The press will, one or another, rubbish Faldo's captaincy.
    Poulter has justified his selection 100%.
    It could just be that the Yanks have played great.

  • Comment number 13.

    All decisions are vindicated by winning and whilst I would like to see some guaranteed points on the board early on, some of our banker players haven't performed as well as many expected so the order of play is still a lottery.
    Some of the so called makeweights have stood up to the plate.
    However whilst Harrington hasn't been on top of his game we have short memories.
    His Major wins in the Open and USPGA were of the highest order and demonstrated at he has what it takes to close out matches.
    So being out last is a smart move.
    The Faldo debate will continue whether Europe wins or not. He polarises opinion (always will) which is no bad thing.
    Today will be fascinating and the momentum is definitley with the Europeans but it's still too close to call!

  • Comment number 14.

    I dont make predictions................reckon this could end up 14-14 looking at the schedule.

  • Comment number 15.

    The article says the team is bottom loaded because Poulter, Westwood, Harrington and G Mac are the final 4 games. However, the top 4 are:

    Garcia - Winner of the Players Championship and 5th in the world

    Casey - One time winner of the world matchplay and the wildcard pick no-one argued about

    Robert Karlsson - Fearsome competitor, a man mountain yesterday, 17th in the world and a bunch of great results this year

    Justin Rose - European order of merit winner 2007 and 13th in the world.

    I don't think the team is bottom loaded at all, I think Faldo has split his top 8 players and hopes to get ahead early to inspire the middle guys and then let the strong laters guys finish it off.

    I love Faldo's line up, and looking at the matches, I can't see anywhere that the US will get a cheap point, and I can see a number of Europeans getting early wins.

  • Comment number 16.

    People who can - do; People who can't, but wish they could - criticise.
    Captain Marmite has proved, on more occasions than I could number, to be worthy of respect. For his achievements, courage and determination.
    His team is comprised of 12 great players - but so is the American one.
    There has already been some wonderful golf played in this competition with more to come this afternoon. No matter what the result the game has been the winner.

  • Comment number 17.

    I agree with most of the comments here about it being a great contest so far, the Americans were always stronger than had been suggested and the biggest difference is they have gotten away from the individuality that blighted their team for years. They appear to have some of the European mentality from previous efforts and that is something that has made this event a great contest.

    However, I really feel Faldo has left the middle of the team exposed as opposed to front or back loading. The first Europeans will take something from the first 3 or 4 games but its the middle that really concerns me. Perry, Weekly, Holmes and Furyk against Stenson, Wilson, Hanson and Jimenez respectively. Looking at that I worry that the game will be won and lost here. Weekly, Holmes and Furyk have been fearsome competitors and the bulk of the crowd will be around "Boo S-A" (how annoying has this become...). My worrry would be that the bulk of points accumulated here leave no margin for any losses in the bottom 4 games. This is a massive ask.

    Whatever the result, and I still hope for a Euro victory of course, its been the best contested Ryder Cup for some time. Perhaps it is a good thing for the event as it becomes a real contest again.

    And c'mon Poulter, show us that face again today!

  • Comment number 18.

    I play very little golf and when I do I play it badly, if I was asked what I think my handicap would be I would say either "very" or "the clubs". I do watch golf on occasion on Sky TV. When it comes to the Ryder Cup though I am rivetted either to the TV or the internet to check on the scores/progress. Its the team competition I love, the "them versus us" and apart from Brookline I think the spirit in which it has been played over the years has been fantastic. As a bad golfer I have a question Id like to ask the more knowledgeable golf fans... Why was Monty left out ?? ... Over the past couple of Ryder Cups he to me seemed to be the rock with which the team bounced off, he was cool under pressure and I may be corrected but his results were very good or has he "reached his sell by date" ?

  • Comment number 19.

    First of all what a great match it has been so far!

    I think Faldo's selection for the singles is spot on - this was what I was hoping for!

    The key to us retaining the cup, is splitting the points with the US in the middle 4 matches.

    If we manage this I predict a 14-14 final scoreline.

  • Comment number 20.

    if I was the USA guys waking up this morning, I'd be very nervous. As #15 pointed out, our top order players are outstanding, the bottom 4 are our real solid stars - lets look at the middle 4. hanson will be delighted to be playing Holmes - the last 2 days, he's had to endure Weekley saving his partner time and again and now Hanson will show him how consistent you need to be for 1 on 1 matchplay. Wilson will love facing Weekley - he's tough as nails and he'll feed of the crowd. Stenson - quality matchplayer, did nothing wrong yesterday and he's due a big game. Leaving Miguel, too chilled out to be worried about what's going on around him. I don't think these 4 players are suspect at all. Once the middle order yanks see Mickelson and / or Furyk going a couple down early on, they'll crumble, whereas every European is experienced enough to just get on with their own game. Europe 15-13 for me.

  • Comment number 21.

    I'm glad to see wise and positive comments above. Before the Cup began there was so many unfair criticism, against Faldo and Poulter. Criticism is for after the Cup, if we lose. In the meantime we all should be 100% behind the team. Some would worry with our best players at the end of the singles starting order, but who can tell what will happen? no one. Poulter is the boss on the course and yesterday morning Europe won the foursomes without Garcia and Westwood. It's a bit normal to focus on the European side and on Faldo's choices, but you have to say that the Americans played some fantastic golf and looked a far stronger team than the previous occasions.You can sense that they fight for each other now (the absence of you know who has maybe freed some players...). Well, whatever the result, let's enjoy today's play, it's gonna be great!

  • Comment number 22.

    The standard of play has been exceptional. The course has helped with this. Compared to some of the major set ups you see, this is a walk in the park. Off line shots are not penailsed and in the end it comes down to a putting contest. Brilliant watching though and just cannot wait until this evening to get absorbed once again.

    Whoever wins, I cannot wait to see how Nick and Paul deal with each other. Frosty, more quiet whispers in the ear and then pistols at dawn? What drama.

  • Comment number 23.

    The american team have played some fantastic golf and deserve to be ahead going into the singles. Europe though have shown that they are no push overs and won't let go of the Ryder Cup without a fight.

    If Europe lose, I feel Faldo can (and will) look at his decisions and have no regrets. He's absolutely right on what he said; only he has the full information on the players, their fitness, how they're feeling etc and can make the informed judgement. All the press have is hearsay and speculation. I think Faldo and the whole team have shown great character throughout. There is no guarantees that Clarke or Monty could have done better.

    As for the singles line up, having Jimenez against Furyk is massive for me. Furyk is consitant and having someone as experienced as Jimenez against him is key for Europe. I think Europe will win the singles 6 1/2 to 4 4/12

    C'mon Europe!!!

  • Comment number 24.

    If Faldo's chosen order wins he will be a Hero, if they lose he will be Zero. No room to hide. Good luck to all in the Good Guys team!

  • Comment number 25.

    I mean 7 1/2 to 4/12 (ooops can't count)

  • Comment number 26.

    In my opinion the US picks are a bigger gamble. If the 'on form' players have poor rounds then what does that leave... The low confidence players, agaisnt come of our, Europes, bigger players!

  • Comment number 27.

    From what I've read on here and the papers etc, Faldo has taken one hell of a bashing, and I do believe even WHEN Europe do win the reasoning will be they won in spite of Captain Faldo. I've never known one bloke get so much flak. Are we a nation that just loves put down our greatest sportsmen?

    He got abuse about his picks every session just about and to be fair they've been good picks, just on the first day Garcia, Harrington and Casey didn't turn u, but I'm backing all thre to secure points today.

    THe singles line up is good, like someone said above were not loading the rear. We got big guys at the front as well, but the first 3/4 guys are crucial, if we can come through that 3-1 that would make for a great finish.

    Support Nick, Support Europe - go lads finsh it of and bring the cup home.

  • Comment number 28.

    Speaking personally, I am glad that it has come to this, with both sides playing spectacular golf at times and both teams having a chance of winning. I'm really looking forward to ths afternoon.

    I think it would be fair to say the US have played far better than most European observers would have given them credit for- the numbr of crucial putts the US have holed has been the key (compare this to Garcia and Casey, in paticular, who hadn't holed a putt worthy of the name until the 18th yesterday). Nonetheless, I feel some of the more hot-and-cold members of the US team may be found out playing mano-a-mano- Holmes and Kim have been guilty of playing some really dumb shots over the first two days and might not get away with them in singles.

    To answer poster no.18- the prolems with Monty's game at the moment are too numerous to list in such a short space, but he's not in the world's top 50, missed the cut in the three majors he qualified for this season and half his season's earnings came from a runners up cheque in the Fench Open- put simply, he's not playing well enough, and hasn't done in truth since he blew his chance at the 2006 US Open. Specificly, his putting (never his stongest suit, IMO) is poor, and when he misses a crucial putt he tries to force the issue on the next hole, which means his normally solid tee-to-green game goes to pot. Hope this helps...

    I'm hoping for a Euro win this afternoon obviously, and I think it makes perfet sense to hold one or two big guns in reserve. I think Faldo's done it just right- put enough 'name'playes out first to ensure some 'blue' on the board, but left enough in reserve to ensure there is somebody to bring home the bacon if we are in a position to win it. Come on bys, you can do t!

  • Comment number 29.

    Who was the BBC guy that says Azinger has picked his "form" guys to go out first? Mickleson and Kim? Do me a favour. They blew a great lead last time out and Mickleson is way off IMHO. He is a 100% chocker in the Ryder Cup-Phillip Price whooped him and Justin Rose will take him down. If we get the score level after the first two matches we will win it. If not we will struggle but I just don't see any line-up that we can't win. Ollie Wilson must be on cloud nine and may be a key today. I really hope it doesn't come down to Paddy Harrington although he is due a good un and we HAVE to hole some long uns. We have holed nothing of any length yet.

    Just hope the Yanks are saying booh booh as they cry in to their water masquerading as ale.

  • Comment number 30.

    In today's Observer it is reported that Paul Azinger has encouraged American fans at Valhalla to cheer when a European misses a putt.

    Well if, after the repulsive BOO BOO BOO and the Country Club Republican cheerleader Bush Senior, we needed another reason to say "Go Europe Go" Azinger's remarks give it to us. What a drongo!

    GO EUROPE GO !!!

  • Comment number 31.

    I live in the States and I am not surprised that Faldo earns his living here. They admire and dare I say love him here-for his knowledge and his accomplishments. The English (particularly) press have always been a disgrace. They do it to our footballers time after time. Faldo was not a "team player" with the Press and they have never forgiven him. Stuff em Nick-whatever the outcome you have been a fine fine captain and a credit to your country. It's a joke that our finest player ever has not had a knighthood. Maybe they are saving it for some no-no in the House of Lords for breaking 90.

  • Comment number 32.


    Hang on a bit mate. Remember this is in Kentucky-you kind of don't really know if your wife is really your sister or maybe your mother. You should look up the song "I am my own Grandpa" to really understand. Then you will realise why they voted in Bush- twice.

  • Comment number 33.

    Firstly, I think the americans have played some unbelievable golf so far and we have done really well just to hang in there. Karlsson Shot 29 on the back 9 yesterday and it was good enough only for a half point. What interested me from yesterday's pictures was furyk sitting with his wife at the side of the 18th after his fourballs match, looking utterly despondent. It could be that he was thinking that WE can't play any better than this and they are still there, or that he was absolutely exhausted after playing in all sessions. Bearing in mind that Kenny Perry and Phil Mickelson might just be feeling the same way then it could be that the stalwarts of the american team are spent already. Another interesting point for me was that there were many holes in the afternoon foursomes game where there was only one live american ball for their partner had picked up. Europe on the other hand were much more consistent. Taking all these factors into consideration, I've decided that i like Faldo's line up. Many of American's top 6 have played a lot of golf this week and are not as young and fit as their opponents. The 6 rookies that America have do not have a more experienced partner to get them out of jail, and i expect them to struggle. All this will be irrelevant should the americans play the same way as they did yesterday, however i have a feeling that their race is run, and that a few of them will burn up from the heat of the more consistent European Team.
    Europe 15 USA 13.

  • Comment number 34.

    I like the line up too, but know if the golf is anything like yesterday were in for a treat, but its going to bu a gut renching, stomach churning, totally estatic, nervous 5 hours - you've got to love it.

  • Comment number 35.

    Very funny Padraig Harrington impression on the YouTube.

    Go Europe!

  • Comment number 36.

    kinglofthouse mentioned 'I am my own grandpa', there's lots of covers of this but this one by the muppets is my fav.

    Unfortunately the yanks aren't playing like muppets, and much as I want The Cup to come back to Europe, it's good that it's a real contest again.

    With regard to the man who cries 52 times a year, I checked the Louisville Courier-Journal to get a state-side take on things. They're running a poll on Boo's reving the crowd up. 79% voted for 'Right on Boo! That's the spirit'.

    I'm not fond of it but we're playing the USA, not Japan, and although he comes across as an overweight redneck, who's favourite foods are squirrel burgers and grits, he's funny and he can play.

    This would be a great one to win, but if we do lose, don't blame Nick. Our big guns aren't firing to date. Look at their records so far.
    Harrington 0-2-1 (BTW 2006: 0-4-1, No wins in last 8 matches!)
    Garcia 0-1-2
    Westwood 0-1-2
    Not one win between them!

    Here's hoping these 3 find their A games today and we at least retain The Cup.

  • Comment number 37.

    sorry to say Faldo 's got it wrong today keeping his point scorer's till after the usa grab the trophy back

  • Comment number 38.

    Watching this live now it does looks like the middle order is going to be the key. We will need the relative unsung to win this. Stenson is gone but the others need to step up. As for Serg I have no idea what has gotten into him. His singles record is poor. Doesnt look like its imroving now. Cmon the middle order!!

  • Comment number 39.

    Well I hate to say I told you so but Faldo;s gamble has failed...

  • Comment number 40.

    Very disappointing finish to the Ryder Cup. The decision to pick Poulter as a wild card proved correct but Faldo's line-up for Sunday's singles was way off the mark. It was obvious that the 'big guns' needed to be at the top. Listening to Faldo on 5 Live he comes across as pathetic.

  • Comment number 41.

    Massive dissapointment to a great Ryder Cup. The big guys failed to step up all week and the likes of Poulter and McDowell showed what heart and guts make.
    All credit to the US. The fact that 6 rookies were in there probably made the difference. As Mickelson said, it was about having no baggage for them and they went out and played as a team. It was eerily reminiscent of past Euro teams the way the US pulled for each other and looked like a great team. And some of the golf they played particularly down the stretch was just amazing. I hate to say this but in my earlier post I was right, the middle order won it for the States as they took 4 from 4 in their games and that meant the hill was just too steep.

    Faldo will get pilloried, perhaps unfairly, but he did make some selection mistakes, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. Had they come off he would have been a genius. His aloof nature does nothing to help him endear himself to the press and the people, but he did make the right selections in Poulter and maybe Casey. I'm not sure Clarke could have managed better than Casey and Monty was a no starter despite his previous great Cups.

    Disappointed but at least we were beaten by the better team and not by mistakes. All credit to the US and roll on Wales.


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