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Monday 3 September 2012, 18:28

Morven Reid Morven Reid

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River-City-final-1682353-1682343.jpg Iona jumps to the rescue when Big Bob collapses

Bloggage Fans, we have been away for a couple of weeks and we can tell that you’ve missed us. We are terribly sorry to have deprived you of all the best of Shieldinch gossip. But now we present you with a blog extravaganza from the last four episodes. Enjoy!

Wow! That was quite the roller-coaster of emotion. We’re not going to lie, for a couple of moments there we might have had to imagine a Shieldinch without Big Bob. A Mini-Market with no cheeky chap behind the counter, a guitar with no one playing to lift people’s spirits and a Molly with no one to harass nurture. Our hearts were in our mouths (pun unintended) when Big Bob collapsed and, like Iona, we were yelling out for him to wake up! But, unlike us, she definitely kept the heid and managed to keep poor Bob alive until they got him to hospital. And that was just the beginning of the drama! As Iona explained, she had been given a sacred responsibility (by the Clydebankite-Japanese dude she once dated) to take care of Bob now she had saved his life. And decided the best place to announce this was in the middle of the hospital waiting room with his terrified wife and family. Smooth move. You definitely didn’t want to mess with the O’Hara/Mullen clan combined and it was quite a show of force when Tattie, Scarlett and Molly sent her packing.

Tattie, meanwhile, was also given a vigorous talking-to by Molly, who demanded to know if she was in for the long haul or looking for the first exit to a Bob-less future. Those two have had their ups and downs but there was definitely a little tear in the eye when Bob made the grown up decision to make his marriage work rather than walking off into the sunset with Iona.  Poor Iona’s heart was in the right place (and she made sure Bob’s was) but it was definitely broken when Big Bob gave it to her straight. Here’s hoping that Iona finds a fella in her pastures new and Big Bob sticks to his guns and keeps himself healthy.

Elsewhere, Nicole was making big life-changing decision but definitely not based on the contents of her wardrobe. But it looks like Leyla and Nicole are right back on track. Could the mistakes of the past have been put behind them? Here’s hoping, and with Nicole working with Robbie AND getting an education, we’re definitely looking forward to the future for this young lady. #haveyourcakeandeatit indeed.

Next week:

Eeek! Shady Sean wants Angie gone but Gabriel is refusing to help her. Come on, Gabe! We know you can do the right thing! And Big Bob’s back from hospital so Scarlett’s turning the O’Hara’s into a biscuit-free zone.

Quote of the week:

TATIANA: I’m going home.
IONA: Back to the Ukraine, aye? Brilliant! Send us a post card.
TATIANA: Home here.
IONA: Aye, that’s probably best. You don’t want to get knocked up again, do you? 

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