Beware Billy the Butcher

He's just not happy at all.

Was I the only one who just couldn’t imagine Sean Kennedy with a dad? He seemed like the kind of nasty dude who sprouted out of the ground, straight from the gates of hell, to wreak havoc on the good folk O’Shieldinch. But it turns out it he had a family and everything! Plus it’s apparently true what they say – the hard guys have the mumsiest mums and the most psychotic dads. He. Was. Terrifying!

Even when he was playing it cool, Billy the Butcher was menacing and, after his gravelly voice-off with Gabriel, even the Don of Shieldinch couldn’t get him off his quest for revenge! It wasn’t long before he showed his true colours and to the person who deserved it least. Poor Stevie, he was traumatised enough just seeing Sean deid on the floor. Imagine what he’s going to be like after getting jumped, hog-tied and whacked about the gob. Nicole is going to have to put up with sleeping with the light on for the next few weeks, we reckon. 

But while trouble at the Tall Ship seems never ending (seriously, there’s bad mojo in that place, do you think anyone’s going to drink there again?) it was all sparkle, cheer and exceptionally early tinsel in the Mullen household as Scarlett decided on a plan for Christmas…in early October. Never underestimate Scarlett when she’s on a mission of enforced funand sure enough she managed to recruit Jimmy, Kelly-Marie and even Molly to the cause. Though, we have a sneaking suspicion that Molly has been waiting for yonks to float her hooch idea around the table. Betcha it was her back up plan to get out of doing the washing up that night. 

Next week:
Gabriel is trying to convince his family to give him another chance…again.

Quote of the week:
SCARLETT: I’ve got an idea.
JIMMY: Never!
SCARLETT: A special family Christmas!
JIMMY: Aye, and do you know what you’re getting? A calendar. It’s October woman!


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