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For one week only (because of some football-related malarkey or something!) River City will be moving from its normal Tuesday home.  Instead you can catch the next episode at 8pm on WEDNESDAY 17th OCTOBER.  As always, the episode will also be available to view on iPlayer after this date.

So don't forget to change your TV reminders, calendars and diaries!  See you Wednesday!


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  • Comment number 1. Posted by TartanRose

    on 14 Oct 2012 19:28

    Ooh, that means I will actually see it on the big screen rather than iplayer on the smaller computer screen this week! Goody! I work on a Tuesday so rarely see it then.

    Can I just suggest a spin off starring DCI Donald in his own show? He gets all the great lines! The one to Lenny about Gabriel being in court and telling all ... 'I'll be taking my popcorn, and a notebook'! Then to Raymond ... 'go off and offend with impunity, but you get so much as a parking ticket and I'll be all over you like a particularly nasty dose of the clap". I mean - this before the watershed! I can imagine children all over Scotland saying 'Daddy, what's the clap?'

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