Zinnie Hassoun

Zinnie Hassoun

Actress: Nalini Chetty

Zinnie is a manipulative and spoilt young woman; her family are well off and money has been no object. Her parents lavished her with expensive gifts but paid little attention to her real needs and therefore failed to give her the love and affection a child requires. As a result she has a bitter and spiteful streak - she's not a woman that you want to cross. There is another side to Zinnie though: she is charming, clever and underneath it all there is a vulnerable girl in need of love. Her real name is actually Farah but Zinnie was a childhood nickname and it's stuck with her - two names for her two faces!

Zinnie is used to getting what she wants so she's not best pleased when she's forced to live in little old Shieldinch. Academically bright, Zinnie had applied to Cambridge and her parents promised to fund a round-the-world trip if she succeeded. She didn't. The holiday-of-a-lifetime was lost and Zinnie was forced to look to another university to take her, so it was off to Glasgow.

Related to Leyla via Leyla's late husband (Zinnie is Sarmed's cousin), Zinnie's parents organised for her to stay with the Brodies until she starts Uni. Leyla is delighted as she thinks it will be good for Adeeb to spend time with his late-father's family. Little does she know that Zinnie is no longer the sweet little girl that she once was.

Zinnie has been stranded with the unruly Brodie clan in a city she doesn't much care for. Will the girl that likes to get her own way just accept her circumstances and make the best of it or will the people of Shieldinch have to start watching their backs? Hmm, it's likely to be the latter...

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