Tatiana Michalka

Tatiana Michalka

Actress: Magdalena Kaleta

Tatiana aka Tattie is originally from the Ukraine and has lived in Scotland for the past 5 years. She was working as a nurse in Oban but has recently lost her job. She has a 15 year old daughter Christina who has lost all trace of her Ukrainian accent. Tatiana came to Britain to find a better life for herself and Christina and although she's not a good time girl sometimes Tattie forgets that Christina is only 15 as Christina is much more grounded than Tattie is.

Tatiana has a habit of burying her head in the sand or running away from her problems - much to the frustration of Christina. It's often up to Christina to take charge and get things done. However, the pair have led a slightly nomadic life, moving from place to place and staying with friends rather than putting down roots.

Tattie meets Big Bob at a small music festival in Oban. She is impressed by his talent but immediately drawn to the warmth of his character, his gentle nature and self effacing way. There is a natural empathy between the two - a genuine connection they both feel.

After a few false starts and despite interference from a jealous Iona, Tatiana becomes Big Bob's 'first time' and they start dating properly.

The boat is rocked again when Christina unexpectedly turns up - Tattie had failed to mention to Bob that she had a daughter! And due to her burying her head in the sand she'd also forgotten to tell him that she's lost her nursing job, she's still married to Christina's father, they've got nowhere to live and she is danger of being deported!

Big Bob is shocked and hurt at first but then the pair realise how much they care for each other - it's love! So, Bob makes a radical decision - to stop Tattie being deported they should get married. That is, after Tattie goes back to the Ukraine to get a divorce first.

So is this a chance for Tattie and Christina to finally settle down and make a life for themselves or will Tatiana's secretive nature and bad decision making keep getting in the way?

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