Ruth Carroll

Ruth Carroll

Ruth Carroll is Gina's eldest and most troubled daughter. Ruth suffers from Borderline Personality disorder and it has really marred her life. Judgemental and quick to temper, Ruth really is her own worst enemy. She constantly cuts off her nose to spite her face and makes herself very unhappy in the process.

Ruth is desperately insecure: in part this is down to her condition and in part it's something that would have been there anyway. As close as Ruth is to her mother she knows that, while Gina loves her, she favours Ruth's sister, Joanne. Ruth never knew her father and, from when she was a tiny little girl, she felt like the cuckoo in the nest. If Ruth didn't feel so sorry for herself it might be easier for others to.

Ruth went through the hardest time of her life when she suffered post-natal depression (PND) following the birth of her longed for daughter, Eilidh. Ruth came through it against the odds and now she has conquered this mountain she's a little tougher.

Ruth has lived and worked in Shieldinch her whole life. Conceived while her mother Gina was a singer on the cruise ships, Ruth has never met her father. Paternal influences were Joanne's father, Franco and her papa, Malcolm, with whom she shares a very close relationship. Gina may favour Joanne but Ruth is the apple of her papa's eye.

After Ruth's diagnosis she went to Italy to clear her head. She returned with new husband Marty Green. Initially Ruth and Marty's relationship went well but she began to feel under pressure when she had trouble conceiving a baby. Ruth and Marty hit rock bottom when she discovered he was having an affair with Iona. The stress of the discovery resulted in Ruth miscarrying her baby. Ruth managed to forgive Marty and for a while things were good.

Marty couldn't behave though and soon he was paying Zoe for sex. Ruth found out she had syphilis and that Zoe was the source. She threw Marty out but kept the Zoe revelations under her hat for a while. In the meantime Ruth discovered she was pregnant. She told Marty she had aborted the baby but made a parent pact with best pal, Scott.

When Ruth cruelly exposed Zoe as a prostitute everyone was disgusted with her behaviour. Even Scott abandoned his friend. Ruth, refusing to accept what was happening to her life, gave birth to baby Eilidh alone in her flat. After this horrific start to Eilidh's life it was perhaps unsurprising that Ruth found it difficult to bond with her daughter and ended up with PND. When Marty returned to claim Eilidh back Ruth's maternal feelings kicked in.

Ruth got her life back together following the trauma of divorce and PND. Ruth had a challenging time when Jo was involved in an accident which killed Nazir and Franco. Ruth took her sister into her home but it became clear that Jo blamed Ruth for the tragedy. Jo projected her guilt onto Ruth but she knew that Franco wasn't wearing a seatbelt. If anyone was responsible for the accident it was Jo, not Ruth.

When Ruth began a relationship with older man Gordon, it seemed too good to be true. He offered contentment, security and he'd be the perfect father for Eilidh - but Ruth's heart wasn't in it. She felt like she should settle for Gordon, but feelings of love didn't enter the equation. And when old flame Andy arrived back in Shieldinch, Ruth faced up her feelings and followed her heart. With a loving man by her side, who adores Eilidh, it seems things are on the up for Ruth.

Actor: Morag Calder

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