Robbie Fraser

Robbie Fraser

Actor: Gary Lamont

Robbie is a gay weegie with attitude. He was born in Partick and has been kicking about the west end since. A talented hairdresser, Robbie doesn't like to show people his ambition, that makes him feel vulnerable, but he's got plans. Robbie is going places and Just Gordon is just the start.

Robbie's father is a successful city accountant who has provided well for the family so Robbie's never really wanted for much. His family have been accepting of his sexuality. His mother was almost a little too accepting and actively rejoices in the fact she has a gay son.

He is mischievous, promiscuous, cheeky and not averse to bitching behind others backs but he does have a heart of gold and he's fantastic company. A jealous side of Robbie became apparent as he tried to split up Gordon and Ruth. Robbie's relationship with Hayley was almost broken for good when, drunk and fed up at the lack of romance in their lives, the two slept together. This time it was Gordon who dished out the advice and helped reunite the friends. As Hayley's taken over the salon, only time will tell if work tensions will cause a strain on her friendship with Robbie.

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