Nicole Brodie

Nicole Brodie

Actor: Holly Jack

At 15 years old, Nicole is mature for her years in looks and attitude, but her emotional intelligence still has some way to catch up. Refusing to be seen leaving the house without make up and her hair done, image is everything for Nicole. She looks up to celebrities like Cheryl Cole and has her sights set on bigger and brighter things. She's ambitious, intelligent and wily, and has a natural chemistry with her Uncle Gabriel - with whom she shares many characteristics.

In recent times Nicole has been pushing boundaries, testing her ever growing maturity. Her mother Chloe became a natural focus for all that was unfair, unjust and just plain annoying about her life, with rows often ending in Nicole telling her mother that she hated her. When her mum suddenly decides to go and live in Canada, Nicole and brother Conor are sent to live with their dad and his new wife in their new home in Shieldinch. Nicole has transferred her frustrations at life towards step-mum Leyla but this antagonism isn't underpinned by the loving bond of mother and daughter, and is therefore all together more fraught.

Feeling rejected by her real mum and hating her step mum, Nicole looked for affirmation elsewhere - and began flirting with Charlie. Unfortunately for 22 year old Charlie - Nicole neglected to tell him she was only 14. About to take things further, it was only a late intervention from Annie that saved Charlie from making a terrible mistake. After her dad tried to beat Charlie up Nicole was forced to admit that she had hidden her age from him.

Nicole then fell for school mate Sean but her friend Carmen also liked him thus pitting each girl against the other. When Nicole embarrassed Carmen in front of Sean, Carmen began a bullying campaign against her that outlasted Nicole's feelings for Sean.

Vulnerable, frightened and lonely, Nicole turned to Councillor Nick Morrison for emotional support. Her affection for Nick began to grow and turned to love after he saved her from a physical attack at the hands of the school bullies. Mistaking his gentle care for requited feelings of love, Nicole tried to kiss Nick and he pushed her away but there was no denying a connection between them. Where will this inappropriate crush lead?

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