Murray Crozier

Murray Crozier

Actor: Brian Cowan

Murray's life has been fraught with pain and heartache. His wife Helen died in a hillwalking accident, leaving him to bring up Fraser and Caroline, two bereaved and traumatised teenagers, alone. Despite the fact that in terms of childrearing Murray did everything to the best of his abilities, son Fraser (who was 14 at the time) has always held Murray responsible for his mum's death - and their relationship has suffered ever since.

Murray insisted on a 'do the right thing' attitude to parenting when sometimes he really should have listened to his heart. His life still embraces outdoor pursuits, despite what happened to his wife. Murray absolved himself of any blame for Helen's fatal accident as, in his mind, he followed the Ramblers' guide to the letter. Yet in his heart of hearts, if he was ever to dig deep enough, he'd come to realize that he's never forgiven himself for not diving down into the ravine after his beloved Helen.

Murray's life's work was as a teacher - it was a job he loved and was brilliant at, inspiring even the most disinterested and disruptive pupils who became his specialty. He took early retirement from teaching and, equipped with a good pension and the chance to spend more time on his outdoor hobbies, he ended up applying for the job of Community Centre Manager in Shieldinch.

It's fair to say that Murray has never fully dealt with the loss of his beloved wife. He's rarely been on a date in years, but Murray is looking for a soul mate. However, he got more than he bargained for when he met Eileen Donachie. Although Murray was offered the manager job in Shieldinch, he declined it, thinking Eileen was the better candidate. His chivalrous gesture was the first in several grievances between the two but thanks to Gina (who bears a striking resemblance to Helen physically and in personality) Murray and Eileen's animosity was turned into attraction.

However, Murray found himself drawn to Gina's spontaneity and warmth towards her family, something he has never managed with his own children. Never affectionate or inspirational with his own kids, Murray has instead thrown himself into other community-mided pursuits - adult literacy classes and charitable causes. However, it soon became clear that Gina was the perfect sister for Murray - and not Eileen. The trio made it through a slightly rocky patch to reconcile their differences, and Murray and Gina are now very much loved-up. But what are the chances of Murray and Gina enjoying a happy-ever-after, especially as Murray's elusive son Fraser has arrived on the scene?

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