Molly O'Hara

Molly O'Hara

Actor: Una McLean

It seems fitting that Molly arrived, kicking and screaming, into the world on the very day Britain declared war on Germany: she has spent her entire life in battle, sometimes winning but more often than not losing. Her aggressive and hard nature became apparent early on in her life - it was borne out of necessity - as Molly was illegitimate, the living embodiment of her parents' shame. Resented by her mother and her mother's family, Molly's was not a happy childhood.

Leaving home at 15 to work in a factory, Molly discovered she was actually quite a catch. Men liked her. She could manipulate them. However, it wasn't long before she fell pregnant to Brian O'Hara. Molly opted to keep the baby as there was potential here - Michael's parents were wealthy and she saw marriage to him as a meal ticket to a better life. Unfortunately, life didn't pan out the way Molly hoped. Brian's family disowned the couple and Brian struggled as the family's breadwinner. Disillusioned with her life already, Molly started going out with friends, looking for excitement, seeing other men.

More children of dubious paternity followed and the O'Hara brood expanded. Brian and Molly were living separate lives under one roof by the time the youngest child, Angela, was born. Molly particularly resented Scarlett who she saw as a Daddy's girl. Scarlett was Brian's favourite and Molly hated her for it. Brian's death was an inconvenience for Molly. She was left penniless with seven kids to look after. Widowhood meant she was back on the market though.

Unfortunately, her lazy lifestyle had taken its toll - her looks were fading and she found it difficult to work her charms. She blamed her lack of success with the fellas on the kids - and considered putting them up for adoption. Until she realised she was getting all sorts of DHSS benefits for them. Why give up a good thing? One by one the children left home until only Scarlett and Bob were left. They suffered the most, bearing the full brunt of their mother's frustrations.

The tables turned when a dodgy deal of Molly's went wrong and she faced a prison sentence. Molly begged/bribed Theresa to take the rap but the situation escalated when it turned out that Theresa was pregnant. Scarlett agreed to look after the baby (Bob) and Molly's been keeping the secret ever since but when Molly faces life alone - will she crack for the sake of attention?

When Molly realised she'd lost her beloved Big Bob to Scarlett, she set about scuppering their happiness. Molly didn't feel too sorry for herself, as after sneakily moving in with Wee Bob she had a new flunkie to run around after her! Flatmate Deek was a bit of an obstacle but he was no match for the might of Molly. However, the situation turned explosive when Scarlett discovered the deception. Molly raised her game in a truly awful way and the exposure of a dark secret ensued - Theresa. With Theresa in town Molly is a cowed woman - will she ever find the guts to stand up to her daughter or forever hide in the shadow of the monster she has created?

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