Michael Royston

Michael Royston

Actor: David Murray

Michael left the priesthood and left Shieldinch for Peru with Kelly-Marie.

Michael was formerly known as Father Michael! He had a hands-on approach to his flock which, combined with his good looks, resulted in temptation coming his way - but he always resisted. A moderniser, he was outspoken on some Church matters and a thorn in the side of traditional superiors, but he does have a deeply held belief.

However, he is also a tortured soul. His friendship with Scarlett looked like it was becoming too close for a priest and parishioner but it transpired it was Kelly-Marie he wanted. Disgusted, Scarlett told him to sling his hook. Father Dominic claimed Michael had been through this before - when he helped a woman called Catherine - but it turned out to be entirely innocent. Although Father Dominic was proved wrong, he still suggested that Michael should reassess his life. Father Michael left Shieldinch to do just that but returned, having made the decision to leave the priesthood, a decision that displeased Father Dominic.

He was delighted when Kelly-Marie left Andrew and realised she felt the same way about Michael! Scarlett couldn't accept the betrayal so Michael and Kelly-Marie left Shieldinch to be together.

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