Michael Brodie

Michael Brodie

Actor: Andy Clark

Mid-thirties Michael took on the role of father figure to his two younger brothers at an early age following a family tragedy.

Michael got together with his first wife Chloe at a young age. Training to be a doctor in the armed services gave him the security he so lacked when growing up. The army career paid Michael's way through University and gave him structure and discipline. His relationship with Chloe led to marriage, the birth of two children (Nicole and Conor) and he seemed set up for life.

However, Michael grew weary of being an army doctor on the front line and chose to leave before fulfilling his 20 years' service. It was a huge decision but one he was ready for and took alone. Months after, he met Leyla and their instant connection spelt doom for his marriage to Chloe. Michael married Leyla - it was like he'd been given a second chance.

Michael is keen to get to know his children better as his army career caused him to be a rather absent parent. Still uptight and regimented, he struggles to display his emotions in anything other than temper and orders.

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