Marty Green

Marty Green

Actor: Daniel Schutzmann

Marty has left Shieldinch. He was hounded out of town by Lenny, on behalf of Ruth.
Marty is Ruth's husband. They married in Italy, where Ruth was recovering from her breakdown. Initially, Gina and Malcolm thought that Marty was a figment of Ruth's imagination, and a sign that she was ill again. He turned out to be real, and he came to Shieldinch to live with his wife and promptly chose to have a wedding blessing, in order to share the occasion with the Rossi family.

Renting office space from Billy, Marty sells time-shares but has recently branched out into property development in the UK and is building a development with his business partner, Niamh. He has sold a flat to Bob and Charlie, and has welcomed Lenny's money despite his reputation. Marty's been concerned that he can't meet the building deadlines but Lenny's not taking no for an answer and has really shown him who's boss.

Marty has been very keen to start a family as soon as possible - he was devastated when his ex-girlfriend Becky had an abortion. This put a strain on his relationship with Ruth. He recently had an affair with Iona and they seemed to be falling for each other but when Ruth announced she's pregnant he quickly dumped Iona. Iona got more and more upset about the split and managed to make Marty admit he had feelings for her... but Ruth walked in and caught them kissing! Ruth lost the baby as a result of the stress but forgave Marty and the two are back together.

We recently discovered Marty's been paying for sex and has been sleeping with new prostitute Zoe. Nicki caught the pair together and he tried to buy her silence! Ruth has no idea.

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