Marianne McKee

Marianne McKee

Actress: Frances Grey

Marianne and husband Daniel left to start a new life in Ireland in March 2010.
Marianne is the second of four children from a prominent Edinburgh family. Her father Ian, an academic, suffered from mental illness (bipolar) and through his marriage spent passages of time in psychiatric units and on some occasions being sectioned. Marianne's memories of childhood revolve around a charismatic but difficult man whose manic and erratic behaviour constantly had to be controlled. Marianne's mother, Sue, had a roller coaster marriage and while Marianne's other siblings flew the nest as soon as they could, Marianne stayed the course, helping her mother talk her father down from flights of fancy.

Marianne worked extremely hard through university and the early years of her career to build an impressive reputation for herself as a psychiatrist but risked it all when she married ex-patient and prison inmate, Daniel McKee. Marianne was shunned by family members and professional colleagues alike, the only person to stand by her decision, no questions asked, was her best friend Sammi.

Marianne has made a real go at settling into life in Sheildinch. Now the neighbourhood GP, Marianne is forging a role for herself as a real part of the community.

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