Malcolm Hamilton

Malcolm Hamilton

Actor: Johnny Beattie

Malcolm Hamilton is the wise old owl of Shieldinch. Born and bred in the area, he is devoted to it and has a wealth of knowledge on Sheildinch's history. You don't see all that go down without learning a thing or two and Malcolm has a massive base of experience which has brought with it a quiet wisdom.

He's a family man and proud of all his girls. He loves Eileen and Jo but there's a special place in his heart for Gina and Ruth. Perhaps it's that they appeal to Malcolm's strong sense of fairness. He automatically supports the underdog and rightly identifies that Gina and Ruth have found it harder to establish their places in the world.

Malcolm is getting older and it's something that astonished him. He can't believe the years have gone so fast and that he's not the strong young man he still feels like inside. Sometimes Malcolm is guilty of not realising his limits and putting himself into danger.

Malcolm married Gina and Eileen's mother Rose in his early twenties. He remained devoted throughout their happy marriage and he is rightfully proud of the family they brought up. Yes, the girls are a pain sometimes but Malcolm's daughters have good hearts and he knows that's what counts.

When Rose died Malcolm was left bereft. It was years before Shirley turned his head and he suffered the pain of unrequited love when she married George. When Liz Buchanan came into Malcolm's life as Gina's mother in law he thought she was a bit daft and grand but when Gina and Liz needed his support over the Archie debacle Malcolm was there. Love blossomed when he opened his home to Liz after Archie abandoned her. Malcolm thinks he's lucky to have another chance at love and he's making the most of it.

Though devastated by the loss of great-grandson, Franco, Malcolm was instrumental in helping his family deal with his death. But this stoic outlook was tested to its limit when Malcolm received worrying health news. Malcolm was suddenly all for living each moment as if it was his last. He proposed to Liz but, true to form, Liz could see right through him. They agreed to keep things as they are, happily co-habiting.

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