Mac Macdonald

Mac MacDonald

Actor: Gordon Kennedy

Mac was hounded out of Shieldinch when he showed predatory tendencies towards Nicki.

16 years ago, Graeme (known as Mac), who was then a teacher, had an affair with one of his pupils, Alice Henderson and also had an affair with her mother Moira. He thought he had put the past to rest, but after Moira's death, her husband George found love letters addressed to Moira and decided to track Mac down. George then discovered that Mac had also had an affair with his daughter, and was his grandson Derek's father.

When Mac first met his son, Deek, things were rocky, but things eventually went well between them. Mac was a great friend to Deek and even encouraged him to go university. George still hated him, and Alice felt threatened by his relationship with Deek. Mac saw the relationship with Deek as a second chance to be a father; he revealed to Scarlett and Gina that his wife and son had died in a house fire. Things seemed to be going well, and he even rekindled his relationship with Alice, to Deek's approval. However, that all went pear-shaped when Deek found out about Mac's affair with Moira. Outwardly, he accepted Alice's decision to cut Deek out of their lives, but he did hope she would change her mind.

He became close to Zoe, who was living with Alice and Mac after the death of her mother. The pair fell in love and Mac left Alice. After a while, Zoe became disturbed by the attention Mac is paying to her little sister Nicki. Mac was adamant he'd done nothing wrong but Alice found a girl from his past, Julie, who was only 16 when she had Mac's son, Sean. Julie's arrival was the last straw and Mac was forced to leave Shieldinch.

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